Eugene Fitzgerald
Eugene A Fitzgerald: Heterointegration of materials using deposition and bonding. AmberWave Systems Corporation, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, August 5, 2003: US06602613 (54 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor structure including a first substrate, and an epitaxial layer bonded to the substrate. The epitaxial layer has a threading dislocation density of less than 10

Thanh Diec: Method and system for distributing objects over a network. Siebel Systems, James W Soong, Perkins Coie, August 5, 2003: US06604128 (927 worldwide citation)

A method and system for passing information between a client, as a browser, and a server, as an application server, where the information is passed through a web server for processing between the application server and the browser. The webserver loads one or more template files. These template files ...

Peter S Lim, Robert Broderson: Method of maintaining a network of partially replicated database system. Siebel Systems, James W Soong, Perkins Coie, August 5, 2003: US06604117 (926 worldwide citation)

A method of maintaining a database. The database is a partially replicated database having a central database and a plurality of individual partially replicated databases. Updates made to the central database or to one of the individual, partially replicated databases are selectively propagated to o ...

Kenneth H Mollenauer: Combined dissecting, cauterizing, and stapling device. Starion Instruments Corporation, K David Crockett Esq, Crockett & Crockett, August 5, 2003: US06602252 (912 worldwide citation)

A medical device for simultaneously cutting tissue with a heating element, cauterizing the tissue with heating elements, and stapling the tissue together.

Roy H Sullivan, Ronald D Adams: Multi fire full thickness resectioning device. SciMed Life Systems, Fay Kaplun & Marcin, August 5, 2003: US06601749 (539 worldwide citation)

The FTRD described comprises a removable cartridge body that contains a new load of staples and a new blade for use in the FTRD. The cartridge body can be removed and replaced with a new one once the staples have been used. Rotation of a main shaft by the physician causes the staples to be fired and ...

Theodorus H J Bisschops, Jakob Vijfvinkel, Hermanus M J R Soemers, Johannes C Driessen, Michael J M Renkens, Adrianus G Bouwer: Gas bearings for use with vacuum chambers and their application in lithographic projection apparatuses. ASML Netherlands, Pillsbury Winthrop, August 5, 2003: US06603130 (413 worldwide citation)

A bearing for use in a vacuum chamber comprises a gas bearing discharging pressurised gas into a gap between two members to maintain a predetermined separation between those members. To avoid the gas forming the gas bearing being an unacceptable leak into the vacuum chamber, a vacuum pump is provide ...

Joseph E Kaminkow, Anthony J Baerlocher: Gaming device having an accumulated award selection bonus scheme. IGT, Bell Boyd & Lloyd, August 5, 2003: US06602137 (392 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a gaming device and method having a bonus game, where one embodiment of the gaming device includes a display device; a processor that controls the display device; and several selections including awards and at least one accumulated award. The gaming device provides a ...

Christopher M Campbell, Todd Harrington: Bone screw retaining system. Stryker Spine, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, August 5, 2003: US06602255 (315 worldwide citation)

An implant, particularly for the spinal column, comprises a plate having openings, bone-anchoring members capable of being accommodated in the openings and at least one split-ring capable of holding the members in the orifices. The split-ring can come into direct contact with the anchoring member or ...

Lewis Sharps, David C Hovda, Jean Woloszko, Hira V Thapliyal, Philip E Eggers: Methods for repairing damaged intervertebral discs. Arthro Care, John T Raffle, Richard R Batt, August 5, 2003: US06602248 (289 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and methods for treating an intervertebral disc by ablation of disc tissue. A method of the invention includes positioning at least one active electrode within the intervertebral disc, and applying at least a first high frequency voltage between the active electrode(s) and one or more retu ...