A. G. Kenicer
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A delivery device for delivering a plurality of individual surgical fasteners. The delivery device includes a drive mechanism having distal and proximal ends. The drive mechanism has a moving member and a fixed opposing member, wherein the moving member is moveable proximally and distally with respe ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a self-propelled cleaner with detachable units that automatically cleans up by self-propelled cleaners with a plurality of varied capabilities linking and cooperating with each other.SOLUTION: The self-propelled cleaner is composed of a first cleaner provided with at ...

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An endoscopic apparatus for measuring blood flow contained within an enclosed body cavity is claimed. Such apparatus comprises an electromagnetic radiation source (6) for emitting a coherent beam, an optical relay system for propagating the beam down an endoscopic probe to illuminate a target (10) w ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an inexpensive self-propelled cleaner that can precisely control the traveling motion by detecting the moving distance and rotating angle with high degree of accuracy.SOLUTION: A self-propelled cleaner is provided with a plurality of optical moving distance sensors 5 ...

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A dual-game machine comprises an amusement-with-prizes (AWP) machine 1 combined with a "Rolling Road" (RR) unit 2. A win condition achieved on the AWP machine will cause an indication to be shown additionally at a location on one position on the matrix 5 of the RR unit. A gamble feature 6 has two ou ...

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The present invention discloses various techniques for allowing non-secured clients to access secured data of an enterprise from a public network without compromising security integrity of the enterprise. According to one embodiment, a server, referred to as an interface server, is designated to int ...

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Anti-adhesion barrier compositions for preventing adhesion between tissues at an surgical lesion comprising sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and gellan gum in a weight ratio of 1 : (0.2 to 5), preferably 1 : (0.8 to 1.25). The compositions may further contain from 0.2 to 5 parts by weight of one or mo ...

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A vehicle information recording system 100 includes a picture acquiring unit 101a placed in a vehicle that takes a picture of surroundings and generates picture data showing the picture, a vehicle data receiving unit 107 placed in the vehicle that receives other vehicle data concerning another vehic ...

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Methods and products for modulating an immune response are provided. Pharmaceutical preparations contain a conjugate of an antigen and an FcRn binding partner. The conjugates are administered to mammals in effective amounts to modulate the immune system by stimulating the immune response against the ...