Dr Medic Stom Umf Temeschburg: Positioning aid for surgical tool. Dr Medic Stom Umf Temeschburg, June 25, 2003: EP1321107-A1 (92 worldwide citation)

The positioning aid supports and or aligns a template (15) combined with at least one hollow spacer element (2,12) through which a surgical instrument is moved. The positioning aid and externally threaded spacer element are screwed , clipped or stuck together.

Chan Chun Kong Laval, Pereira Ozwy Z, Nguyen Ba Nghe, Reddy Thumkunta Jagadeeswar, Das Sanjoy Kumar, Siddiqui Mohammad Arshad: Thiazole derivatives and their use for the treatment or prevention of flavivirus infections. Shire Biochem, June 25, 2003: EP1321463-A1 (75 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides novel compounds represented by formula I: wherein, for instance, R1 is aryl, Y is carboxy and X is acylamino or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof useful for treating flaviviridae viral infection.

Mulvaney Patrick T, Smith Michael E, Cruz Anthony V: Evaporative humidifier. Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex, June 25, 2003: GB2383277-A (73 worldwide citation)

An evaporative humidifier (10) includes a base (12) removably supporting a water tray (34) for holding a quantity of water. A blower assembly (14) and a water tank (16) are removably supported by the base (12) above the water tray (34). The blower assembly (14) includes a housing (88) and a fan (119 ...

Pugh Jerry T: Test device with means for storing and dispensing diagnostic strips. Lifescan, June 25, 2003: EP1321769-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a substantially moisture-proof, air-tight apparatus for both dispensing a plurality of diagnostic test strips and testing a biological fluid dispensed onto the strip. One strip may be advanced for use in testing using a single, translational movement.

Marshall Thomas M, Pashley Michael D: Led luminaire. Koninkl Philips Electronics, June 25, 2003: EP1321012-A1 (48 worldwide citation)

A luminaire comprises an array of LEDs that include at least one LED (10, 12, 14) in each of a plurality of colors. Means (50, 30) for supplying electrical current to the LEDs for each color provides an electrical current that has a measuring period that comprises a measuring drive pulse having at l ...

Miyazawa Takashi: Pixel circuit for light emitting element. Seiko Epson, June 25, 2003: EP1321922-A2 (39 worldwide citation)

Pixel circuit 210 includes a current programming circuit 240 and voltage programming transistors 251 and 252. In order to set the tone of the light emission from the organic EL element 220, the first and second voltage programming transistors 251 and 252 are set to the OFF and ON state, respectively ...

Parker Dane Kenton, Larson Brent Kevin, Yang Xiaoping: Preparation and use of a nanocomposite of elastomer and exfoliated clay platelets formed in situ within an elastomer host and articles of manufacture, including tires, having at least one component comprised thereof. Goodyear Tire & Rubber, June 25, 2003: EP1321489-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to preparation and use of nanocomposites comprised of an elastomer matrix which contains a dispersion therein of at least partially exfoliated platelets of an intercalated, multilayered, water swellable clay (e.g. montmorillonite clay). The exfoliated platelets are derived fro ...

Hoeffkes Horst Dr, Meinigke Bernd Dr, Oberkobusch Doris Dr, Foerster Thomas Dr, Hollenbrock Martina: Stable dyeing emulsions. Henkel Kgaa, June 25, 2003: EP1321132-A2 (32 worldwide citation)

Colorants for keratin fibers e.g. human hair, are based on dye precursor(s) and/or direct dye(s) and have an aqueous phase and a fat phase. Fat phase (0-20 wt.%) comprises optionally (poly)ethoxylated, saturated or mono- or poly-unsaturated, branched or linear 6-30 C alkanol(s) (I) and colorant has ...

Ogami Tadashi: Downlink transmission power controlling method and base station apparatus. Nippon Electric Co, June 25, 2003: EP1322048-A1 (30 worldwide citation)

A transmission power controlling method and a base station apparatus capable of limiting total downlink transmission power while keeping adverse effects on common channels to a minimum. There is provided the transmission power controlling method for limiting total downlink transmission power for tra ...

Donaldson Mark, Corey John Frederick: Audio jack with automatic plug detection and identification. Slab Dsp, June 25, 2003: GB2383476-A (28 worldwide citation)

An audio jack 90 has a plurality of sockets 92, 93, 94 enabling a variety of plugs to be connected to the jack. The jack includes an interface means that detects the presence of the plug and automatically determines the plug type. The jack may include a floating contact. The jack may be used to dete ...