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A Universal/Upgrading Pulse Oximeter (UPO) comprises a portable unit and a docking station together providing three-instruments-in-one functionality for measuring oxygen saturation and related physiological parameters. The portable unit functions as a handheld pulse oximeter. The combination of the ...


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A valve prosthesis for implantation in the body by use of a catheter includes a stent made from an expandable cylinder-shaped thread structure having several spaced apices. The elastically collapsible valve is mounted on the stent as the commissural points of the valve are secured to the projecting ...

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The present invention is a device and method that immobilizes the vertebral bodies by immobilizing the respective spinous process extending therefrom. The device contains a spacer extending from a body with the spacer adapted to be positioned between adjacent spinous processes so that the spacer may ...

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An information server directs users of the information server to desired sources of information where the desired sources of information are determined, at least in part, based on user input. The information server includes a query input processor, a question processor and an answer processor. The q ...

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The present invention provides a number of oligonucleotide sequences which can be used for a wide variety of analyses applicable to the diverse fields impacted by the nature of molecular interaction, including chemistry, biology, medicine, and medical diagnostics. In certain embodiments these oligon ...

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An Internet-based document management system and methods are provided wherein an electronic document may be stored on an Internet-accessible server and accessed using a previously known web browser, downloaded for review or manipulation, and then returned to the server for access by further users. T ...

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An intervertebral disc prosthesis comprising two opposing plates and a flexible seal extending between the two opposing plates for forming a closed chamber between the two plates, the flexible seal being adapted to enable the plates to move relative to one another. The disc prosthesis also includes ...