Roger T Bonnecaze, Angela C Freeland: Blood analyte monitoring through subcutaneous measurement. TheraSense, Merchant & Gould P C, June 17, 2003: US06579690 (979 worldwide citation)

One embodiment of the invention is a method for obtaining an estimate of an analyte concentration in a first fluid. First, measurements of an analyte concentration in a second fluid are obtained using a sensing device. An analyte concentration estimate in the first fluid is determined from these mea ...

Christian E Schulz, Eugene E Mason, Ammar Al Ali: Shielded optical probe and method. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, June 17, 2003: US06580086 (582 worldwide citation)

An optical probe, which is particularly suited to for use in measurements on tissue material of a patient. In one embodiment, the probe comprises upper and lower housing elements incorporating a light energy source and corresponding detector. The tissue material of the patient is disposed between th ...

Eric T Phipps: Personal medical monitoring unit and system. MCI Communications Corporation, June 17, 2003: US06579231 (462 worldwide citation)

A portable unit worn by a subject, comprising a medical monitoring device, a data processing module with memory and transmitter for collecting, monitoring, and storing the subject's physiological data and also issuing the subject's medical alarm conditions via wireless communications netwo ...

Darrell J Hartwick: Method of sequentially firing staples using springs and a rotary or linear shutter. SciMed Life Systems, Kenyon & Kenyon, June 17, 2003: US06578751 (453 worldwide citation)

A minimally invasive medical stapling device comprises a housing that contains spring-loaded staples for use in a minimally invasive medical stapling procedure. When the physician pulls a shutter the springs are sequentially released causing the staples to be fired. The device provides the user with ...

E Marlowe Goble, T Wade Fallin, Robert W Hoy: Facet joint replacement. MedicineLodge, Pandiscio & Pandiscio, June 17, 2003: US06579319 (390 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis for the replacement of a diseased or traumatized facet of a mammalian vertebra includes a surface that articulates with another prosthetic facet or a natural facet, a portion that replaces at least a bony portion of the diseased or traumatized spine facet which is to be replaced, and an ...


Francisca Tung: Pillar connections for semiconductor chips and method of manufacture. Advanpack Solutions, George O Saile, Stephen B Ackerman, June 17, 2003: US06578754 (304 worldwide citation)

A flip chip interconnect system comprises and elongated pillar comprising two elongated portions, one portion including copper and another portion including solder. The portion including copper is in contact with the semiconductor chip and has a length preferably of more than 55 microns to reduce th ...

Hsiang Lan Lung: Self-aligned, programmable phase change memory. Macronix International, Mark A Haynes, Haynes Beffel & Wolfeld, June 17, 2003: US06579760 (298 worldwide citation)

A self-aligned, nonvolatile memory structure based upon phase change materials, including chalcogenides, can be made with a very small area on an integrated circuit. The manufacturing process results in self-aligned memory cells requiring only two array-related masks defining the bit lines and word ...

Joshua Makower: Method for interstitial transvascular intervention. TransVascular, Robert D Buyan, Stout Uxa Buyan & Mullins, June 17, 2003: US06579311 (290 worldwide citation)

Devices, systems and methods for transvascular interstitial interventions, including transvascular, catheter based vascular bypass, transmyocardial revascularization, bypass grafting of blood vessels, and interstitial surgical/interventional procedures wherein a catheter is advanced translumenally t ...

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