Craig Allen
John Charles Smith, Mark Alan Etter, Brent Edward Stafford, James Timothy Stolzer, Craig Allen Carroll, Thomas O&apos Neal Walls: Hand-held oscillating spindle sander. Porter Cable Delta, Hunton & Williams, May 27, 2003: US06569002 (5 worldwide citation)

A hand-held oscillating spindle sander is disclosed. The sander includes a pair of toothed pulleys associated with the output shaft. The first pulley is attached to the output shaft for rotation with the output shaft. The second pulley is rotatably disposed on the output shaft for relative rotation ...

Jack Hao
Jianxiu Hao, Beato T Cheng, Norman Eugene Heckman: Methods and systems for updating a land use and land cover map using postal records. Verizon Laboratories, Leonard Charles Suchyta, James K Weixel, May 27, 2003: US06571242 (2 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are presented to classify a region on a map, or to update a preexisting classification of the region. The method utilizes postal records, associated with geographic positions, and corresponding land classifications to classify the region or to update the preexisting classificatio ...

Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne M Scott, James M Corliss: Inflator/sealer device for inflatable packaging cushion. Sealed Air Corporation, Daniel B Ruble, May 27, 2003: US06569283 (28 worldwide citation)

An inflator/sealer machine useful for inflating and sealing an inflatable cushion having a resistance wire that extends across the inlet of the inflatable cushion. The machine includes an inflation tube, a seal bar, and an anvil. The inflation tube is connected to a source of inflation fluid and has ...

Charles Mao
Niall Robinson, Charles Mao, Frank A McKiel: Fault isolation of an optical link by correlating PMD events with other measurements. Worldcom, May 27, 2003: US06570682 (5 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus performing fault management in an optical communications system including a polarization mode dispersion (PMD) compensator. The method and apparatus utilizes a controller receiving notifications indicative of PMD in the system, as well as at least one indicator from a system d ...

Michel K Bowman Amuah: Block-based communication in a communication services patterns environment. Accenture, Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, May 27, 2003: US06571282 (1073 worldwide citation)

A system and method are provided for transmitting data from a server to a client via blocks. A user query for a solution set is transmitted to a server, which is then used to query a database for a first subset of the solution set. A first block of data is built from data in the database of the serv ...

Fredrick Herz, Jonathan M Smith, David C Parkes: Location enhanced information delivery system. Pinpoint Incorporated, Melvin A Hunn, May 27, 2003: US06571279 (1038 worldwide citation)

The Location Enhanced Information Deliver System Architecture (LEIA) customizes the information that is displayed to an information recipient based on optimizing a match between information purveyors, such as advertisers, and the information recipients who are local to an information delivery system ...

Wayne Carl Westerman, John Greer Elias: Multi-touch system and method for emulating modifier keys via fingertip chords. Finger Works, May 27, 2003: US06570557 (970 worldwide citation)

A multi-touch system is disclosed that recognizes simultaneous touchdown of four fingers on, above, or below the home row of keys as a modifier chord and applies modifiers such as Shift, Ctrl, or Alt to subsequent touch activity until none of the chord fingertips remain touching. Touches by the thum ...

Ronald J Lebel, Varaz Shahmirian, Sam W Bowman IV, Timothy J Starkweather, Wayne A Morgan: Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device. Medtronic Minimed, Foley & Lardner, May 27, 2003: US06571128 (648 worldwide citation)

An implantable infusion pump possesses operational functionality that is, at least in part, controlled by software operating in two processor ICs which are configured to perform some different and some duplicate functions. The pump exchanges messages with an external device via telemetry. Each proce ...

Scott A Prevost, Timothy W Bickmore, Joseph W Sullivan, Elizabeth Churchill, Andreas Girgensohn: Method and apparatus for embodied conversational characters with multimodal input/output in an interface device. Fuji Xerox, Xerox Corporation, Fliesler Dubb Meyer & Lovejoy, May 27, 2003: US06570555 (477 worldwide citation)

Deliberative and reactive processing are combined to process multi-modal inputs and direct movements and speech of a synthetic character that operates as an interface between a user and a piece of equipment. The synthetic character is constructed as an ally, working with and helping the user learn a ...

Ivan Vesely: System for minimally invasive insertion of a bioprosthetic heart valve. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Mark Kusner, Michael A Jaffe, May 27, 2003: US06569196 (450 worldwide citation)

A system for minimally invasive insertion of a bioprosthetic heart valve. The system includes a collapsible tissue-based valve system, a catheter-based valve delivery system, a surgical platform and a device tracking and visualization system. The collapsible valve system includes: (i) a permanent ou ...