Gao Guangping, Wilson James M, Alvira Maricio: (avv) Sequences and a kit for the method. Trustees Of The University Of, May 14, 2003: EP1310571-A2 (95 worldwide citation)

A method for dctecting and isolating AAV sequences in a sample of DNA obtained from tissue or cells is provided. The invention further provides AAV sequences identified by this method, and vectors constructed using these sequences.

Rosset Jean Michel: Streaming audio under voice control. Hewlett Packard Co, May 14, 2003: EP1311102-A1 (66 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a data processing system and method and, more particularly, to a computer aided telephony system and method which uses RTSP and associated protocols to support voice applications and audio processing by various, distributed, speech processing engines. Since RTSP is u ...

Stiesdal Hendrik, Enevoldsen Peder Bay, Johansen Kaj, Kristensen Jens Joergen Oe, Noertem Michael, Winther Jensen Martin: Method for manufacturing windmill blades. Bonus Energy, May 14, 2003: EP1310351-A1 (65 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a method for making a windmill blade whereby problems with glue joints and with exposure of the workers to environmentally hazardous substances are avoided. This is effected by making the windmill blade in a closed mould with a mould core (3) inside mould parts (22, 48) for format ...

Angelini Giampiero, Eibenschutz Marco: Infusion-suction cassette with two suction-pumps. Optikon 2000 S P A, May 14, 2003: EP1310267-A2 (59 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an infusion - suction (I/a) cassette (20) provided with suction system having both a peristaltic or volumetric pump (21) and a pressure sensitive (or Venturi) pump (30), comprising a fluid suction line (27) from the surgical handpiece, a vacuum sensor (22), a valve ( ...

Eilersen Michael: Medication delivery device comprising a support for a cartridge. Novo Nordisk, May 14, 2003: EP1309366-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to: a support (15) for a cartridge (10) provided with one or more electronically readable information carrying areas (121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127). The invention further relates to the use of a composite material for a support. The object of the present invention is to pr ...

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A device and method are provided for improved treatment of elevated intraocular pressure due to glaucoma. A trabecular shunting device is adapted for implantation within the trabecular meshwork of an eye such that aqueous humor flows controllably from the anterior chamber of the eye to Schlemm's can ...

Ohmer Herve, Brockman Mark W: Template and connector providing plural flow paths at a lateral junction. Schlumberger Holdings, May 14, 2003: GB2381809-A (49 worldwide citation)

A wellbore junction assembly comprises a template 18 having a lateral window positioned at the junction and a connector 28 that seals against the template and part of which extends through the lateral window to define a flow path in communication with the lateral bore 26. A second flow path continue ...


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A settling leg for a polymerisation reactor connected to the lower part of a loop reactor 1. A conduit 2 is welded to the loop reactor and leads to upper block valve 3 and lower block valve 4. Downstream of the lower block valve 4 is a further conduit 5 which leads to a lower region 6 and to a produ ...

Zhang Jinling, Zhang Xin: 10-key arrangement of phonetic letters and chinese input. Zhang Jinling, May 14, 2003: CN01132474 (39 worldwide citation)

The present invention designates phonetic letters to 10 digital keys based on the inherent rules of Chinese character pronunciation to form the 10-key arrangement of phonetic letters. By means of the said arrangement and some auxiliary keys, Chinese characters may be input in various information pro ...