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In a thin film transistor, a gate insulating film having a first insulating film and a second insulating film is formed on a gate electrode, and a semiconductor layer including ZnO etc. is formed on the second insulating film. The first insulating film is formed by using SiN

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A network provides users with a simple and secure way of establishing communication sessions with other users or services, running either over IP networks or other networks, e.g., PSTN. In a sense, the network can broker communication services between two or more users (e.g., people) and/or services ...

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Devices and methods are provided for frequently measuring the concentration of an analyte present in a biological system. A monitoring system having at least two components is employed in order to allow separation of data collection from data processing and display. Such separation allows greater fl ...

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An implantable infusion pump possesses operational functionality that is, at least in part, controlled by software operating in two processor ICs which are configured to perform some different and some duplicate functions. The pump exchanges messages with an external device via telemetry. Each proce ...

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An implanted medical device (e.g. infusion pump) and handheld communication device communicate with one another via telemetry wherein transmitted messages have enhanced numbers of and/or regularity of bit transitions to minimize the risk of synchronization loss between transmitted bits of data and r ...

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A network file system and method wherein a storage area network Universal File System allows any host in a heterogeneous based storage area network to read or write data as if in its native format. Any host coupled to the storage area network may be configured to access any storage device on the sto ...

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A system for facilitating online searches suggests query autocompletion strings (terms and/or phrases) to users during the query entry process, wherein the suggested strings are based on specific attributes of the particular database access system being searched. A string extraction component associ ...

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An adjustable bone fusion implant includes a first plate having an interior face with a plurality of spaced apart first support members projecting therefrom. Each support member has a plurality of teeth projecting therefrom. A second plate has an interior face with a plurality of spaced apart second ...

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A game of chance is conducted on a gaming machine controlled by a processor in response to a wager. A primary game outcome is randomly selected from a plurality of possible primary game outcomes. In response to the primary game outcome being a bonus triggering outcome, a plurality of secondary game ...

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An interactive television program guide system is provided in which a user may direct the program guide to display a browsing display screen. The browsing display screen includes a list of current programs including a movable highlight region, a video window containing a television program to which ...