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An implantable stimulation device (10) that ensures that patients with congestive heart failure receive pacing therapy that optimises their hemodynamic performance in view of various variables that pertain to the patient. Exemplary variables can include, without limitation, the time of day, patient ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an ultrasonic treatment equipment which is capable of effectively treatment coagulation in addition to ultrasonic procedures without energizing the tissue of a living body.SOLUTION: The ultrasonic treatment equipment is provided with a vibrator that generates an ultr ...

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A flooring system comprises many panels (2,4) having interlocking side edges (2a,2b,4a,4b) whose lengths are integral multiples of a base length (x). There are at least two different types of panel (2,4) with at least a pair of side edges.

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Novel full-length cDNAs are provided. 1970 cDNA derived from human have been isolated. The full-length nucleotide sequences of the cDNA and amino acid sequences encoded by the nucleotide sequences have been determined. Because the cDNA of the present invention are full-length and contain the transla ...

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The invention concerns a mixture of bacteria. Said mixture is a non starter culture which is free from metabolites and comprises at least one first bacterium selected from the species Propionibacterium jensenii and at least one second bacterium selected from the genus Lactobacillus. Furthermore, foo ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To inhibit a grain growth of a noble metal particle and to enhance durability.SOLUTION: The catalyst for cleaning exhaust gas is constituted by a carrier 1 comprising a CeO2-ZrO2 combined oxide; an oxide particle of at least one kind of metal selected from Al, Ni and Fe carried ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a golf club having a sufficient strength in a weld zone even when a material desirable to be particularly subjected to a hear treatment is used.SOLUTION: A reinforcing plate 21 is provided in the bonding portion by welding between a face member 16 and a sole part 4 o ...

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Toothbrush comprises a handle and a head, said head comprising upstanding bristles and at least one upstanding tooth polishing element, characterised in that the tooth polishing element is in the form of a resilient wall-like member and is flanked by bristles.

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A composition comprising a mixture of anti-HER2 antibody and one or more acidic variants thereof.

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A topically applied composition (I) with external drug depot forming action comprises: (A) 0.01-15 % sparingly soluble active agent(s); (B) 0.5-35 % water-soluble or water-dispersible nonionic surfactant(s) with HLB value at least 8; (C) water or water-alcohol mixture; and optionally (D) 0-20 % addi ...