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A low magnification liquid immersion objective lens system uses an immersion liquid having a refractive index for the d-line within a range defined by a condition (1) shown below, and has a magnification &bgr; and a working distance WDL which satisfy the following conditions (2) and (3):

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An advertisement selection system is presented in which vectors describing an actual or hypothetical market for a product or desired viewing audience can be determined. An ad characterization vector is transmitted along with a consumer ID. The consumer ID is used to retrieve a consumer characterizat ...

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The invention provides a medical device that includes a housing, a tubular member extending from the distal end of the housing, a first arm extending from the distal end of the tubular member, the first arm including a first electrode, a second arm extending from the distal end of the tubular member ...

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A porous metal intervertebral spacer having at least one angled through hole extending from the side of the implant to a surface which interfaces with a vertebral body end plate such that an interference screw may be driven through the implant and into the bone, thereby securing the implant from und ...

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A system and method is provided that allows participants in an electronic conference room to move to any spatial location in the electronic conference room by simply clicking and dragging, using a computer mouse, a graphical image representing the participant to any location in the electronic confer ...

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A device for the transport of fluids through a biological barrier includes a number of microneedles projecting from the front face of a substrate. A conduit is associated with each of the microneedles to provide a fluid flow path for transport of fluid through a hole in the biological barrier formed ...

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A self-centering meniscal prosthesis device suitable for minimally invasive, surgical implantation into the cavity between a femoral condyle and the corresponding tibial plateau is composed of a hard, high modulus material shaped such that the contour of the device and the natural articulation of th ...

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A lancer device that enables a user to draw blood from a patient and discard the used lancet without touching it. The device also has an adjustable tip for selecting the depth of stylet penetration into the patient and a triggering mechanism that utilizes a yoke latch and a leaf spring to discharge ...

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A semiconductor package having heat sink at the outer surface is constructed on a lead frame. The package comprises a chip, a die pad, a plurality of leads, a plurality of bonding wires, and a molding compound. The die pad has a first surface and a second surface, and the chip has its active surface ...

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A web management system including a database having a directory structure associating each web page of a web site with attributes thereof. The web site management system may include a web server for displaying each web page, and a server-side front end daemon communicatable with the web server and t ...