Charles Szmanda
Charles R Szmanda, Gary N Taylor: Photoresist composition. Shipley Company, Peter F Corless, Edwards & Angell, May 1, 2003: US20030082477-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are photoresist compositions suitable for imaging with sub 200 nm wavelength radiation including ether linkages containing certain leaving groups. Also disclosed are methods of providing photoresist relief images using the photoresist compositions.

David Sherrer
Dan A Steinberg, David W Sherrer, Mindaugas F Dautartas: Optical device package. Maria M Eliseeva Esq, Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels, May 1, 2003: US20030081914-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

An optical device package includes a substrate having a top portion with an a recess for receiving an optical semiconductor component and an elongated linear groove for receiving an optical fiber. The optical fiber is positioned within the groove in said substrate such that the top surface of the op ...

Durga Malladi
Durga P Malladi: Controlling forward link transmission power. Qualcomm Incorporated, Patents Department, May 1, 2003: US20030083089-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Forward link transmission power to a user terminal in a wireless communications system having a plurality of beams is controlled by identifying the location of a user terminal within one of the plurality of beams, and setting the forward link transmission power in response to the identified user ter ...

Steven Jobs
Daniel N Crow, Cary Dean, Elizabeth Dykstra Erickson, J Peter Hoddie, Steven P Jobs, Timothy E Wasko: User interface for presenting media information. James C Scheller Jr, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, May 1, 2003: US20030080991-A1

A user interface and methods for using a user interface for controlling processing of time-based media files. In one exemplary method, a graphical representation of a time line for a time-based media is displayed along with a graphical representation of a current time along the graphical representat ...

Durga Malladi
Nikhil Jain, Aziz Gholmieh, Durga P Malladi, Michael K Spartz, Sivaramakrishna Veerpalli: Aggregating multiple wireless communication channels for high data rate transfers. QUALCOMM Incorporated, May 1, 2003: US20030081582-A1

A mobile wireless terminal (MWT) receives IP packets destined for a ground network in a predetermined sequence order. The MWT fragments each of the IP packets into many smaller packet fragments, appends identifying information to each of the packet fragments, and transmits the packet fragments in pa ...

Durga Malladi
Jon J Anderson, Durga P Malladi, Steve J Doerfler: Controlling forward link traffic channel power. Qualcomm Incorporated, Patents Department, May 1, 2003: US20030081573-A1

Forward link transmission power to a user terminal in a wireless communications system having a plurality of beams is controlled by determining a baseline power level, Pbaseline, from a received active pilot channel signal-to-noise ratio (SNR); determining a power margin, Pmargin, from an identified ...

Durga Malladi
Durga P Malladi, Alkinoos Hector Vayanos: Method and apparatus for efficient use of communication resources in a CDMA communication system. QUALCOMM Incorporated, May 1, 2003: US20030081586-A1

A method and apparatus provides for efficient use of communication resources in a CDMA communication system (100) by selecting, at a time prior to a first time period (401), a first mobile station to receive transmission during the first time period (401) on a downlink shared channel, and selecting, ...

Gruse George Gregory, Hurtado Marco M, Milsted Kenneth Louis, Downs Edgar: Multimedia player for an electronic content delivery system. International Business Machines Corporation, May 1, 2003: TW530267 (31 worldwide citation)

A method of playing digital content data that has been compressed and encrypted with a first encrypting key on a system. According to the method, at least part of the content data is decrypted with a first decrypting key that corresponds to the first encrypting key. The decrypted content data is dec ...

Abhulimen Michael E, Tucker Brian E, Adiga Kayyani C: A simulated smoking article and fuel element therefor. British American Tobacco, WALFORD Margot Ruth, May 1, 2003: WO/2003/034847 (18 worldwide citation)

A simulated smoking article is provided in which a flavour generating medium, such as a commercially available cigarette, is heated with a fuel element including a liquid fuel therein to generate flavours or other components in vapour or aerosol form. A reusable fuel element is inserted in one end o ...

Tsuk Robert W, Robin Jeffrey L: Method and apparatus for accelerated scrolling. Apple Computer, Tsuk Robert W, Robin Jeffrey L, OLYNICK Mary R, May 1, 2003: WO/2003/036457 (15 worldwide citation)

Improved approaches for users to with graphical user interfaces of computing devices are disclosed. A rotational user action supplied by a user via a user input device can provide accelerated scrolling. The accelerated nature of the scrolling enables users to scroll or traverse a lengthy data set (e ...