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A bipolar forceps for clamping and sealing tissue includes at least one elongated shaft having opposing jaw members at a distal end thereof which are movable relative to one another from a first position wherein the jaw members are disposed in spaced relation relative to one another to a second posi ...

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A cross connector for connecting two longitudinal members, such as rods, in spinal surgery has a connectors for connecting to the longitudinal members and a ball joint therebetween to allow polyaxial rotation of the connectors.

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A return is reliably executed to a player who has paid a predetermined amount to a game machine. The timing of this return is determined by lottery, and its result is displayed on the game machine. This thrills the player with expectation of the return, thereby keeping the player long on the same ga ...

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A system for delivering at least one medical device to a desired location for treatment, and then selectively deploy it in position, includes an improved handle. One of the possible features of the handle may be to selectively hold the delivery system components at any desired configuration during d ...


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A process and apparatus related to a workstation adjacent to a traveling web (12) including a device (10) for intermittently performing an operation affecting the web. An important application involves ultrasonically welding multiple layers of a traveling web (12). First and second rollers (30,32,34 ...

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Disclosed is a water disintegratable sheet including bast/leaf fibers and at least one kind of primary fibers. The bast/leaf fibers have a Canadian Standard freeness value of at most 600 milliliter and occupy 2 to 75% by weight of a total fiber weight of the sheet.

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A method of providing incentive to play gaming devices during certain off-peak hours comprises three types of periods: an earning period over which earned credits are accumulated responsive to the level of play on the gaming device, a redeeming period where the earned credits can be played, and a re ...

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The present invention relates to methods and compositions useful in the treatment and prevention of human papilloma virus infections and the symptoms and diseases associated therewith. More particularly, the invention relates to polynucleotide sequences which encode human papilloma virus (HPV) amino ...

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An endoscope device according to the present invention aims to obtain tissue information of a desired depth near the tissue surface of the living body tissue, wherein a light source device (4) is configured of a xenon lamp (11) for emitting illumination light, a heat ray cut filter (12) for shieldin ...