Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
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A connection component for a microelectronic device such as a semiconductor chip incorporates a support layer and conductive structures extending across a surface of the support layer. The conductive structures have anchors connecting them to the support layer, and releasable or unanchored portions.

Christian E Schulz, Ammar Al Ali, Eugene E Mason, Mike A Mills: Shielded optical probe having an electrical connector. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, April 1, 2003: US06541756 (578 worldwide citation)

The invention is a noninvasive optical probe having an electrical connector for connecting the optical probe to a cable connector. According to one embodiment, the electrical connector includes a durable flexible tab suspended between the housing of the optical probe and a protective cover. The elec ...

Ammar Al Ali, Massi E Kiani: Pulse oximeter monitor for expressing the urgency of the patient's condition. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, April 1, 2003: US06542764 (533 worldwide citation)

A monitor for a pulse oximeter emits audible sounds containing information regarding the patient's pulse rate and oxygen saturation level wherein the information is not contained in variations of the pitch of the audible sounds. By utilizing sets of audible sounds pulsed in synchroneity with th ...

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A computer storage system having a processor that supports operation of at least one software application in order to store selected data in the computer storage system, at least one storage media for storing the selected data, a plurality of storage policies, each having particular storage guidelin ...

John Gregory Aceti, Zvi Gerald Loewy, Richard Morgan Moroney III, Christopher Carter Gregory, Peter John Zanzucchi: Analyte monitor. Rosedale Medical, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis L, April 1, 2003: US06540675 (424 worldwide citation)

Provided is an analyte monitoring device having a housing, the device comprising: a plurality of needles, each having a tip, a retracted position, a position wherein the tip is extended from the housing a distance adapted to pierce skin; an electrically or spring powered needle pushing apparatus mov ...

Robert T Durst Jr, Kevin Hunter, Steven Kearns: System and method of using machine-readable or human-readable linkage codes for accessing networked data resources. Neomedia Technologies, Anthony R Barkume P C, April 1, 2003: US06542933 (416 worldwide citation)

The present invention operates by inputting into the client computer a linkage code (a machine readable code such as a bar code symbol or a human-readable alphanumeric text string) that includes a server identification code and an item identification code. The client computer then extracts the serve ...

Jan Henning Simonsen, Jens Ulrik Poulsen, Kent Halfdan Rokkjaer, Lars Hofmann Christensen, Søren Aasmul, Steffen Iav: Medical system and a method of controlling the system for use by a patient for medical self treatment. Novo Nordisk, Marc A Began Esq, Richard W Bosk Esq, Reza Green Esq, April 1, 2003: US06540672 (413 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an system for self treatment. The system consists of several portable modules where one of the modules is designated as a master module. The master module controls, supervises and monitors all the mutual information and data exchange between itself and the rest of the modul ...

Alan Andrew Stewart, Steven Scott: Test strip. Abbott Laboratories, David L Weinstein, April 1, 2003: US06540891 (393 worldwide citation)

An improved disposable test strip for use in amperometric measurement of analytes in complex liquid media, such as blood, which has three or more electrodes has been developed. This strip is designed so that different electrical potentials can be maintained between a common pseudo reference/counter ...

Miroslav Trajkovic, Eric Cohen Solal, Srinivas Gutta: Ball throwing assistant. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, John Vodopia, April 1, 2003: US06539931 (385 worldwide citation)

A ball-throwing machine includes a camera connected to a computer vision unit and a microphone connected to a speech-processing unit. The computer vision unit processes images from the camera to determine a user's position, and to detect user gestures from a predetermined repertoire of gestures ...

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A method and system for selectively connecting proximately located telecommunications units are disclosed. The method and system may be used in a location aware telecommunications system that can determine the location of a telecommunications unit (TU) being used within the system. Proximately locat ...