Fred Thomas
Lawrence D Clayton, Fred C Thomas, John C Briggs, Jeffrey G Villiard: Low-friction wear-resistant guide track for an actuator in a disk drive. Robin S Quartin, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz, March 20, 2003: US20030053262-A1

This invention provides a disk drive having an actuator for engaging and disengaging read/write heads with a recording medium, where the actuator comprises a head stack assembly, on which the heads are mounted, a guide track on which the head stack assembly slides, and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) co ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Anthony J Lochtefeld, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Optimized buried-channel FETs based on SiGe heterostructures. AmberWare Systems Corporation, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, March 20, 2003: US20030052406-A1

Semiconductor-based devices, and methods for making the devices, involve a first device that includes a buried channel layer, a dielectric layer, and a compositionally graded spacer layer. The spacer layer includes a first material and a second material, and is located between the buried channel lay ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Minjoo L Lee, Christopher W Leitz, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Structure and method for a high-speed semiconductor device. Samuels Gauthier & Stevens, March 20, 2003: US20030052334-A1

The invention provides semiconductor structure comprising a strained Ge channel layer, and a gate dielectric disposed over the strained Ge channel layer. In one aspect of the invention, a strained Ge channel MOSFET is provided. The strained Ge channel MOSFET includes a relaxed SiGe virtual substrate ...

Kawasaki Masashi, Ono Hideo, Kobayashi Kazuki, Sakono Ikuo: Thin film transistor and matrix display. Kawasaki Masashi, Ono Hideo, Sharp, March 20, 2003: JP2003-086808 (2585 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve TFT characteristics of a thin film transistor having a transparent semiconductor film.SOLUTION: A gate insulation film 4 which comprises a first insulation film 4a and a second insulation film 4b is formed on a gate electrode 3. On the second insulation film 4b, a se ...

Ishikawa Shinji: Semiconductor memory and its test method. Sharp, March 20, 2003: JP2003-086000 (2524 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a semiconductor memory which can easily and accurately discriminate a contact state of an external terminal by same simple timing as that in normal operation without adding an exclusive terminal for test after mounting a semiconductor chip on a board.SOLUTION: This m ...

Iwata Yoshihisa, Osawa Takashi, Yamada Takashi: Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof. Toshiba, March 20, 2003: JP2003-086712 (135 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a semiconductor memory device wherein by using a simple transistor structure, charges are so stored in the channel body of a transistor by using its channel body as a memory node as to memorize data by the potential difference of its channel body, and the identificat ...

Ubukata Yasuhiro, Horiuchi Hideaki: Antenna for rfid and rfid system having the antenna. Mitsubishi Materials, March 20, 2003: JP2003-087044 (133 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an antenna for RFID and an RFID system, having the antenna whereby a regulated distant electric field can be reduced, without attenuating a near electric field used for communication and manufacturing can be performed at a low cost.SOLUTION: An antenna used for a rea ...

Mizutani Yasuhiko, Hirai Takami, Kadota Kazuhiro, Saka Hironobu, Kimura Hironobu: Laminated type dielectric filter. NGK Insulators, Soshin Electric, March 20, 2003: JP2003-087008 (130 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To effectively miniaturize a laminated type dielectric filter whereas realizing balanced inputs/outputs, with considering the connection of high-frequency amplifier circuits, etc.SOLUTION: The filter is composed of filter parts 20, having first and second input resonance electr ...

Ogata Tetsuji, Imaizumi Kiyoshi: Non-contact ic tag. Dainippon Printing, March 20, 2003: JP2003-085501 (129 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a non-contact IC tag capable of communicating with an external device (a reader/writer) even with a conductive material such as a metal attached.SOLUTION: The non-contact IC tag capable of communicating with the external device without contact by generating a differe ...

Fujiki Yasutake, Fujii Hitoshi, Tai Yasuto: Manufacturing method for ic card. Oji Paper, March 20, 2003: JP2003-085520 (123 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a manufacturing method for an IC card of a simple structure suitable for small lot manufacturing.SOLUTION: The manufacturing method of an IC card is characterized by that a data carrier including an IC chip and a pair of antennas, and supplied information and power f ...

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