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An information storage device (10, 510, 610, 710) includes a cradle (12, 512, 612, 712) which can removably receive a cartridge (11, 411, 511, 611, 711). The cartridge contains a rotatably supported disk (91, 326-327), and a pivotal actuator arm (101) which supports a read/write head (107, 331-334) ...

Ellman Alan G, Garito Jon C: Intelligent selection system for electrosurgical instrument. Ellman Alan G, Garito Jon C, March 19, 2003: EP1293171-A2 (129 worldwide citation)

An intelligent selection system for operating an electrosurgical instrument for use by a surgeon that depends primarily on the surgical procedure to be employed. The operating mode as well as other operating parameters can be controlled by the handpiece chosen by the surgeon to perform the procedure ...

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A detecting, monitoring and reporting system includes a sensor device which generates data indicative of at least one activity, GSR and heat flow of an individual and data derived therefrom when placed in proximity with the body. A remote central monitoring unit generates analytical status data from ...

Mccauley Jack: Method and device for optical gun interaction with a computer game system. Mccauley Jack, March 19, 2003: EP1293237-A2 (85 worldwide citation)

A device and a method for integrating an optical gun with a computer game system and within a computer game scenario are provided. The preferred embodiment includes an optical gun, or gun, with a communications interface, such as a USB interface, with the computer game system. The gun has sensors th ...

Wakesu Masaki, Tokura Kenji: Information selection apparatus and music playback unit. Clarion, March 19, 2003: JP2003-084877 (84 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To resolve a problem that a complicated selection operation is required for selecting desired information from an enormous quantity of file information by using a folder hierarchical structure.SOLUTION: This apparatus has: a storage means 11 for storing, in the folder hierarchi ...

Hugues Lyn, Bellamy Simon Andrew: Oral pharmaceutical dosage forms with reduced potential for drug abuse, comprising respiratory irritants or bitter substances. Rohm & Haas, March 19, 2003: EP1293195-A1 (71 worldwide citation)

Solid oral dosage forms of controlled substances containing aversive agents are useful in reducing abuse by chewing or inhaling.

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An apparatus and method is disclosed in which a buffer receives a first content stream (201) carrying a content channel signal. The first content stream (201) carries the content channel signal at a rate substantially greater than the streaming content playout rate, for initially loading the buffer. ...

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A flame simulating device comprising a flame-shaped piece of coloured material 9 mounted on a housing 1, a fan 15 to blow air past the material, and a light source 13, wherein the light shines onto the material and at a critical angle of incidence a substantial part of it is reflected. This light ef ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a sheet material processor and an image forming device that save space and reduce cost while improving productivity.SOLUTION: When a trailing end of a sheet material is fed over a given stroke past an inlet feed roller pair 22, the sheet material is fed upstream and ...

Fuersich Manfred, Meckes Guenter: Method for automatically detecting red-eye defects in photographic image data. Agfa Gevaert, March 19, 2003: EP1293933-A1 (48 worldwide citation)

Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zum automatischen Erkennen von rote-Augen-Defekten in fotografischen Bilddaten. Ein Verfahrensschritt umfasst ein Objekterkennungsverfahren, welches Gesichter in Bilddaten anhand von Dichteverläufen findet, welche für diese typisch sind.