Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Brush attachment for hand-held device diffusing hot air. Wik Far East, John R Flanagan, Flanagan & Flanagan, March 18, 2003: US06532968 (1 worldwide citation)

A brush attachment includes a coupling section attachable on a hand-held hot air device, a brush section having a bristle holder mounted axially through and rotatable relative to an outer housing part and bristle configurations movably mounted to the bristle holder and adapted to retract within and ...

David Bradley Rust: System and method for record and playback of collaborative Web browsing session. Contigo Software, Brobeck Phleger & Harrison, March 18, 2003: US06535909 (1100 worldwide citation)

A collaborative Web browsing session may take place over a network, allowing the presenter on a first computer to direct the audio and visual components of a browser on one or more second computers. The second computer is instructed to log into a control site that downloads an active control, such a ...

Mir A Imran, Olivier K Colliou, Ted W Layman, Deepak R Gandhi, Sharon L Lake: Gastric treatment and diagnosis device and method. Intrapace, Susan M Schmitt, March 18, 2003: US06535764 (536 worldwide citation)

A device, system and method for diagnosing and treating gastric disorders is provided. A functional device resides within the patient's stomach and is secured to the stomach wall by an attachment device. The functional device may be a sensor for sensing various parameters of the stomach or stom ...

Csaba Truckai, John H Shadduck: Electrosurgical working end for transecting and sealing tissue. March 18, 2003: US06533784 (531 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical working end and method for transecting an anatomic structure along a targeted line and for creating a thermal welds along either of both transected tissue margins, for example for use in a partial lung resection procedure. The working end provides elongate curved or linear guide-t ...

Michael F Guheen, James D Mitchell, James J Barrese: Identification of redundancies and omissions among components of a web based architecture. Accenture, Merchant & Gould P C, March 18, 2003: US06536037 (521 worldwide citation)

A system, method and article of manufacture are provided for conveying redundancies and omissions among components of a network framework such as a web architecture framework. First, an area of an existing network framework is determined in which redundancies and omissions exist. Next, a pictorial r ...

Michael P Whitman: Tissue stapling attachment for use with an electromechanical driver device. Power Medical Interventions, Kenyon & Kenyon, March 18, 2003: US06533157 (487 worldwide citation)

A stapler attachment for use with an electromechanical device driver comprises a staple holding member which is spring mounted to a staple closing member, which is, in turn, mounted to a threaded driver element concentrically mounted about a threaded shaft such that staple closing member and the sta ...

Christiaan J Werkhoven, Ivo Raaijmakers, Suvi P Haukka: Method of forming graded thin films using alternating pulses of vapor phase reactants. ASM Microchemistry Oy, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, March 18, 2003: US06534395 (459 worldwide citation)

Thin films are formed by atomic layer deposition, whereby the composition of the film can be varied from monolayer to monolayer during cycles including alternating pulses of self-limiting chemistries. In the illustrated embodiments, varying amounts of impurity sources are introduced during the cycli ...

James R Allard: Method and system for remote control of mobile robot. iRobot Corporation, Glen D Weinstein Esq, Lucash Gesmer & Updegrove, March 18, 2003: US06535793 (452 worldwide citation)

Methods of remote control of a mobile robot and an intuitive user interface for remotely controlling a mobile robot are provided. Using a point-and-click device (

Charles Dennison: Phase-change memory bipolar array utilizing a single shallow trench isolation for creating an individual active area region for two memory array elements and one bipolar base contact. Ovonyx, Trop Pruner & Hu P C, March 18, 2003: US06534781 (383 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a process of forming a phase-change memory device. The process includes forming a salicide structure in peripheral logic portion of the substrate and preventing forming salicide structures in the memory array. The device may include a double-wide trench into which a single f ...

Harald Philipp: Capacitive position sensor. David Kiewit, March 18, 2003: US06535200 (362 worldwide citation)

A multi-electrode capacitive position sensor functions as part of a computer pointing device that can be integrated with the computer's keyboard and that employs ratiometric capacitive sensing techniques. This approach allows a computer user to move a cursor about on a display by skimming his o ...