Mohammad Khatib
Khatib Mohammad: Software upgrade of telecommunications user terminal. Lucent Technologies, March 5, 2003: EP1289324-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

A method of providing a user terminal (UE) in a wireless telecommunications network with a software upgrade involves making a call connection between the user terminal (UE) and a base station (Node B) in which software is transmitted from the base station to the user terminal.

Goble Colin Charles Owen, Lattrell Scott Thomas, Wahnschaffe Douglas Scott: Electrosurgical system. Gyrus Medical, March 5, 2003: EP1287788-A1 (357 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical system includes a generator (10) for generating radio frequency power, and an electrosurgical instrument (12) including at least three electrodes. The generator comprises a radio frequency output stage having at least a pair of output lines (60C), and a power supply (66) coupled t ...

Fujita Katsuyuki, Ohsawa Takashi: Semiconductor memory device. Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co, March 5, 2003: EP1288955-A2 (124 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor memory device has a memory cell array (1) including memory cells (MC); a reference current generating circuit (DMC) which generates a reference current (Iref); a reference voltage generating circuit (6) which generates a reference voltage in a reference node (RSN) on the basis of the ...

Bosco Angelo, Mancuso Massimo: Noise filter for bayer pattern image data. St Microelectronics, March 5, 2003: EP1289309-A1 (99 worldwide citation)

A method of filtering and an image filter (10) is disclosed. The filter is provided for a digital camera including image sensors sensitive to light, a color filter placed over sensitive elements of the sensors and patterned according to a Bayer mosaic pattern layout and an interpolation algorithm jo ...

Query systems. British Telecomm, March 5, 2003: EP1288795-A1 (59 worldwide citation)

A computer query system and method enhances the results produced by standard queries, for example in search engines, by filtering and optionally ordering the results on the basis of affinity with individuals known to the search initiator, or individuals within the search initiator's Personal Social ...

Bhullar Raghbir S, Groll Henning, Austera John T, Walling Douglas P, Ranney Timothy L, Pauley James L Jr: Biosensor with a bar code. Roche Diagnostics, Hoffmann La Roche, March 5, 2003: EP1288653-A1 (58 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a biosensor. The biosensor includes a support substrate, an electrically conductive coating positioned on the support substrate, the coating being formed to define electrodes and a code pattern, wherein there is sufficient contrast between the conductive coating and ...

Mandato Davide, Kovacs Ernoe: A method and units to enhance mobile communication networks with ad-hoc scenarios. Sony Int Europ, March 5, 2003: EP1289197-A1 (57 worldwide citation)

The underlying invention generally relates to the field of mobile communication networks, ad-hoc networking and service provisioning in mobile ad-hoc communication networks (304, 308) with high-speed access, especially to a business model concerning the enhancement of conventional mobile telecommuni ...

Mueller Andreas: System and method for operating information terminals playing commercials. Sonopress Prod, March 5, 2003: EP1288802-A1 (54 worldwide citation)

The system operates information terminals where a system user provides several information terminals (12,14) for customers. Each terminal has a play-back station (16) for acoustic and/or optical play-back of at least some of the contents of a data carrier product e.g. a compact disk, DVD, computer g ...

Cho Myeon Gyun, Kim Ho Jin: A mobile communication system and method for adaptive modulation and coding, combining pilot-aided and ack/nack based decision on the employed modulation and coding scheme level. Samsung Electronics, March 5, 2003: EP1289181-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

A mobile communication system and method for adaptive modulation and coding (64) (AMC) which employs a predefined set of possible modulation and coding scheme (MCS) levels is disclosed. The transmitter determines the MCS level to be used based both on periodic specific feedback messages from the rec ...

Oberhardt Knut, Taresch Gudrun, Jacob Friedrich, Damm Tobias, Schindler Hans Georg: Method for automatic detection of red-eye defecs in photographic images. Agfa Gevaert, March 5, 2003: EP1288859-A1 (48 worldwide citation)

The red eye detection method involves determining a value as a criterium for the presence of the defect, and which provides information on the presence of flash light when recording the image data. Preferably a flash marker in the film data serves as an indicator that a flash was using when recordin ...