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A porous wall (62) through which a flow of gas is established forming a layer (18) supporting a liquid mass (17) is strengthened (63, 64) partly to stiffen it and partly to control the shape of the lower surface of the supported liquid (17). Chambers containing different pressures (67, 68) can be fo ...

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In a user signal processing unit USP, adaptive array processing is performed for a reception signal vector X(t) from array antennas #1 to #4. Based on an output signal y(t) of an adaptive array and a reference signal, an amount of frequency offset is estimated. A swap detecting unit SDP detects an o ...

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A combination includes a pipette-shaped container formed from a polymeric material selected from polyethylene terephthalate, high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, and mixtures thereof, and a 1,1 -disubstituted ethylene monomer adhesive composition sealed in the pipette-shaped containe ...

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An apparatus for raising or maintaining the core temperature of a mammal comprising a radiant heater, for example an LED array for heating the areas of high concentration in Arteriovenous Anastomoses. The LEDs are energised to provide radiant heat energy to the patient hand to achieve a skin tempera ...

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A mobile station capable of connected to an information providing server via a radio link, comprises a reception history table which stores an identification of information which has been received, and a controller which prevents the same information from being received based on the identification i ...

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Methods for efficient production of recombinant AAV employ a host cell which comprising AAV rep and cap genes stably integrated within the cell's chromosomes, wherein the AAV rep and cap genes are each operatively linked to regulatory sequences capable of directing the expression of the rep and cap ...

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A break in a rail, where two rails (12, 13) extend parallel to each other along a railway line, is detected by connecting the two rails together electrically with two electrical connections (16, 18) at opposite ends of a section of the line, causing electrical currents to flow in parallel along the ...

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This invention relates to an electrophoretic display comprising cells of well-defined shape, size and aspect ratio which cells are filled with charged pigment particles dispersed in a solvent, and novel processes for its manufacture.

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A reservoir production control system includes a plurality of wells for producing a reservoir linked to a central computer over a downhole communication network and a surface communication network. Both the downhole and the surface communication networks are wireless communications paths for transmi ...

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By construction of heat pipes with two phase heat carrying fluid, an efficient heat transfer system is available. The heating section is used to create, within the heat pipe, build up of vapor pressure which causes the heat carrying fluid to move which then allows for dissipations of the heat into t ...