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A lead having an extendable and retractable fixation mechanism has a rotating terminal pin at the terminal end which rotates the fixation mechanism at the distal end. As the terminal pin is rotated, the fixation mechanism is extended or retracted from the distal end of the lead. A threaded collar al ...

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Embodiments of a decentralized mechanism for detecting the presence of entities in a peer-to-peer network. In one embodiment, using pipes, a peer may uniquely and independently generate an identity for a peer-to-peer network entity. The identity may be used to probe the peer-to-peer network for pres ...

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A vertical color filter detector group according to the present invention is formed on a semiconductor substrate and comprises at least six layers of alternating p-type and n-typed doped regions. PN junctions between the layers operate as photodiodes with spectral sensitivities that depend on the ab ...

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An electrokinetic pump capable of producing high pressure is combined with a nozzle having a submicron orifice to provide a high pressure spray device. Because of its small size, the device can be contained within medical devices such as an endoscope for delivering biological materials such as DNA, ...

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When the genetic analysis is performed by using a DNA microarray, the inspection accuracy is improved. A sample solution is supplied onto a base plate to prepare the DNA microarray comprising a large number of spots based on the sample solution arranged on the base plate. In the microarray, the plan ...

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An apparatus and method of preparing solid flakes of fats and emulsifiers is provided utilizing a generally flat, cold plate to solidify the fat or emulsifier.

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An artificial disc having a pair of opposing baseplates, for seating against opposing vertebral bone surfaces, separated by a ball and socket joint that includes a ball compression locked to a post extending from one of the baseplates. The ball is captured within a curvate socket formed in a peak of ...

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This invention relates to a method of transmitting information to a client comprising establishment of a first data tansmission connection/channel between the client and a central server; transmission via said first connection/channel from the server to the client, of at least an indication indicati ...

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A method for precision bending of a sheet of material (41, 241, 341, 441) along a bend line (45, 245, 345, 445) and the resulting sheet are disclosed. A method includes a step of forming longitudinally extending slits (43, 243, 343, 443) through the sheet of material in axially spaced relation to pr ...

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A magnetic recording media is formed with high in-plane coercivity employing dual magnetic layers. The first magnetic layer is sputter deposited in a chamber employing a shield such that the minimum incident angle of impinging atoms is relatively large, e.g., greater than about 26°. Embodiments of t ...