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A method for amplifying genetic material by amplifying the genetic material using a single primer sequence. A detector for detecting pathogens in a sample, the detector including a single primer sequence for use in amplification reaction whereby the primer sequence amplifies genetic material of a pa ...

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Polypeptides that contain zinc finger-nucleotide binding regions that bind to nucleotide sequences of the formula CNN are provided. Compositions containing a plurality of polypeptides, polynucleotides that encode such polypeptides and methods of regulating gene expression with such polypeptides, com ...

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In a bicycle comprising a frame having at least a bottom bracket, and a rear wheel having a center axis, the improvement including a rear wheel suspension linkage comprising: an upper link member, a lower link member, and a rear stay member; a shock absorber providing compression resistance for said ...

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An article delivery method and system for improving customer convenience. An article ordered by a customer is delivered by a delivery service to a locker specified by the customer. At the time of delivering the article, a delivery person uses a delivery password indicated in advance by a commerce se ...

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The present invention provides a thermal cycling device including: a heat exchanger body (3) having a longitudinal axis and longitudinally divided to provide at least two segments which are able to be heated to different temperatures so that said body has peripheral surfaces of different temperature ...

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The subject invention pertains to compositions and methods for promoting repair of damaged nerve tissue and preparation of nerve grafts. The compositions and methods of the subject invention can be employed to restore the continuity of nerve interrupted by disease, traumatic events, or surgical proc ...

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The invention provides an apertured web comprising multip le, discrete zones comprising arrangements of land areas and at least two apertures.

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A saw with a safety system is disclosed. The safety system includes a detection system adapted to detect contact between a person and a blade while the blade is moving. The safety system further includes a brake system adapted to engage the blade and to stop the blade when the detection system detec ...