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An apparatus and method for cashless gaming wherein a player can access credits via a pin activated keypad located on the gaming machine. Real-time accounting allows the player to redeem credits and secure perquisites as a function of patronage.

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A method for sensing the state of an electrophoretic display includes the steps of applying an electrical signal to a display element, measuring an electrical response for the display element, and deducing the state of the display element from the measured electrical response.

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Apparatus and methods for generating a score predictive of the likelihood of a desired performance result for a selected receiver of that performance from a selected performer that includes memory means storing performance information of the selected performer for the selected receiver and storing m ...

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Atrial arrhythmias, a major contributor to cardiovascular morbidity, are believed to be influenced by autonomic nervous system tone. The main purpose of this invention was to highlight new findings that have emerged in the study of effects of autonomic nervous system tone on atrial arrhythmias, and ...

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An implantable pacemaker is provided with subcutaneous spiral electrodes for sensing electrical signals of the heart. Subcutaneous spirals or spiral electrodes are embedded individually into three or four recessed casings placed in a compliant surround that is attached to the perimeter of the implan ...

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An electronic shopping system, providing for customer recognition using wireless identification and visual data transmission to point-of-sale terminals and other terminal types located in a commercial establishment. A customer's visual image is taken as a customer enters the establishment and, ...

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Disclosed are improved methods of making and using immobilized arrays of nucleic acids, particularly methods for producing replicas of such arrays. Included are methods for producing high density arrays of nucleic acids and replicas of such arrays, as well as methods for preserving the resolution of ...

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A wireless data network which provides communications with a Point-to-Point Protocol server is disclosed. The network includes a home network that includes a home mobile switching center, a wireless modem and one or more end system. The wireless modem and the end systems are connected together via a ...

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A medical instrument for obtaining access to a site within the body directly inserted through the skin or through an incision in the skin to enable introduction of further medical instruments to the percutaneously accessed site or from the percutaneously accessed site to a more remote site in the bo ...

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A system, method, and article of manufacture are provided for navigating an electronic data source that has a scripted online interface by means of spoken input. When a spoken request is received from a user, it is interpreted. A navigation query is constructed based on the interpretation of the spe ...