William J Combs, Catherine R Condie, Roy Martin, Dwight H Warkentin, John D Wahlstrand, David L Thompson, Li Wang: Implantable medical device for measuring time varying physiologic conditions especially edema and for responding thereto. Medtronic, Reed Duthler, January 28, 2003: US06512949 (307 worldwide citation)

An impedance monitor for discerning edema through evaluation of respiratory rate. Preferred embodiment includes edema monitor and trigger to initiate diagnostic reporting or corrective action when activated. Recording of Long Term Average and Short Term Average values for secondary edema measure bas ...

Philip M Tetzlaff, Steven P Buysse, Kate R Dawes, Dale F Schmaltz, Randel A Frazier, Michael J Lands, Steven W Lukianow: Open vessel sealing forceps with disposable electrodes. Sherwood Services, January 28, 2003: US06511480 (304 worldwide citation)

A removable electrode assembly for use in combination with a forceps having opposing end effectors and a handle for effecting movement of the end effectors relative to one another. The electrode assembly includes a housing which is removably engageable with the forceps and a pair of electrodes which ...

Joseph E Kaminkow: Gaming device having a multiple selection group bonus round. IGT, Bell Boyd & Lloyd, January 28, 2003: US06511375 (296 worldwide citation)

The present provides a gaming device bonus round that contains a plurality of groups each having a plurality of selections that the player can pick and receive an award. The groups and selections form a theme that provides enjoyment and excitement to the player. The game enables the player to pick a ...

Benjamin C Huter, Scott J Huter, Christopher L Steadham: Embolic protection device for use in interventional procedures. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Fulwider Patton Lee & Utecht, January 28, 2003: US06511496 (287 worldwide citation)

An intravascular filter device for capturing embolic particles entrained in blood flowing in an arterial vessel during an interventional procedure. The filter includes an expandable strut assembly and a filtering medium. Each strut is coated with an elastic polymer in order to minimize trauma to an ...

Kenneth H Abbott III, Dan Newell, James O Robarts: Storing and recalling information to augment human memories. Tangis Corporation, Perkins Coie, January 28, 2003: US06513046 (273 worldwide citation)

A system for computer-based storing of information about a current state so that later recall of the information can augment human memories. In particular, when information about a current event of interest is to be stored, a variety of current state information of different types (e.g., video, audi ...

Robert R Burnside, Russell B Thompson, David Dueiri, Dennis M O&apos Brien: Medical probe with reduced number of temperature sensor wires. Scimed Life Systems, Bingham McCutchen, January 28, 2003: US06511478 (271 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for reducing the number of temperature measurement wires in multiple temperature sensor ablation systems are described. In a preferred embodiment, temperature sensors capable of measuring the temperature of body tissue and transmitting the temperature data digitally are incorpora ...

Nigel M Goble: Method of treatment of prostatic adenoma. Gyrus Medical, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, January 28, 2003: US06510854 (254 worldwide citation)

A surgical technique for treating bladder outflow obstruction is disclosed in which access is gained to the treatment site via the bladder itself through one or more suprapubic conduits. The disclosed technique includes inserting at least a first conduit suprapubically into the bladder, inserting at ...

Abbas Rafii, Cyrus Bamji, Cheng Feng Sze, Iihami Torunoglu: Methods for enhancing performance and data acquired from three-dimensional image systems. Canesta, Dorsey & Whitney, January 28, 2003: US06512838 (253 worldwide citation)

A three-dimension distance time-of-flight system is disclosed in which distance values are acquired by a plurality of sensors independently from each other. For use with this and similar systems, Z-distance accuracy and resolution are enhanced using various techniques including over-sampling acquire ...

Robert F Rosenbluth, Brian J Cox, George R Greene Jr: Embolectomy catheters and methods for treating stroke and other small vessel thromboembolic disorders. MicroVention, Robert D Buyan, Stout Uxa Buyan & Mullins, January 28, 2003: US06511492 (240 worldwide citation)

Embolectomy catheters, rapid exchange microcatheters, systems and methods for removing obstructive matter (e.g., thrombus, thromboemboli, embolic fragments of atherschlerotic plaque, foreign objects, etc.) from blood vessels. This invention is particularly useable for percutaneous removal of thrombo ...

Steven A Weiss: Cashless gaming system: apparatus and method. Casino Data Systems, McAndrews Held & Malloy, January 28, 2003: US06511377 (235 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for cashless gaming wherein a player can access credits via a pin activated keypad located on the gaming machine. Real-time accounting allows the player to redeem credits and secure perquisites as a function of patronage.

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