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The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition which is useful as a phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase (PI3K) inhibitor and an antitumor agent, and it provides a novel bicyclic or tricyclic fused heteroaryl derivative or a salt thereof which possesses an excellent PI3K inhibiting activity an ...

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A humidifier and an air conditioner using the humidifier, wherein, when the atmospheric temperature detected by an atmospheric temperature sensor (24) is higher than the room temperature detected by a room temperature sensor (22) and the atmospheric humidity is 90% or less allowing the inside of a h ...

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A stent (1) comprises a radially expandable tubular body made up of elements (2, 3) defining a reticular structure. The aforesaid elements (2, 3) constitute respective branches of the reticular structure and are at least locally provided with recesses (4) that are able to receive agents for the trea ...

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An information delivery method whereby wireless channel traffic is dispersed when data is downloaded from a contents server to mobile communications terminals by way of a mobile network and a cable network. Information delivery management section (103) provided in the mobile network temporarily stor ...

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A process for hydrogenating unsaturations in petrochemical feedstocks, the process comprising contacting the petrochemical feedstock, including at least one component having unsaturations, and hydrogen with a catalyst comprising at least one Group Ia, Ib, IIb, VIb, VIIb or VIII metal on a support of ...

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A multisource type X-ray CT apparatus comprising a fixed sensor array, a fixed vacuum chamber, and an X-ray generation unit, wherein the X-ray generation unit includes a cathode and an anode which are fixed in the vacuum chamber so as to surround the sensor array, a gate array including a plurality ...

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The composition is iron base material containing nickel and tin bronze in 3-5 wt%, lead-tin alloy in 1-3 wt%, phosphorus-graphite compound in 0.5-1.5 wt% and zinc stearate 0.1-0.5 wt% other than iron. It is prepared through mixing, deposition, cold pressing and sintering. Using the said composition ...