Sanjay Chaturvedi
Sanjay Chaturvedi, Anne Mae Gaffney, Ruozhi Song, Elsie Mae Vickery: Mixed metal oxide catalyst. Rohm And Haas Company, January 16, 2003: US20030013904-A1

A catalyst comprising a mixed metal oxide is useful for the vapor phase oxidation of an alkane or a mixture of an alkane and an alkene to an unsaturated carboxylic acid and for the vapor phase ammoxidation of an alkane or a mixture of an alkane and an alkene to an unsaturated nitrile.


Mages Ken: System and method for providing accurate location information for wireless or wired remote gaming activities. Buchbinder Sam, Mages Ken, SHAFTAL Max, January 16, 2003: WO/2003/005743 (7 worldwide citation)

A system (10) and method for accurately locating the position of wireless or wired devices (12) used for playing casino games. The system (10) includes a plurality of transmitters (14) located throughout the interior of the building (16) and on the grounds of the building property for communicating ...

Seguin Jacques: (Fr) Ensemble permettant la mise en place dune valve prothetique dans un conduit corporel, (En) Kit enabling a prosthetic valve to be placed in a body enabling a prosthetic valve to be put into place in a duct in the body. Seguin Jacques, January 16, 2003: WO/2003/003949 (6 worldwide citation)

(EN) The kit (1) comprises a prosthetic valve (4) which is to be implanted and a stent (2). According to the invention, the valve (4) and the stent (2) are made in such a way that when the stent (2) is expanded, the valve (4) is situated outside the zone(s) (10, 11, 14) of the stent (2) which are to ...

Manoharan Muthiah, Maier Martin A, Prakash Thazha P, Rajeev Kallanthottathil Gopalan: Nuclease resistant chimeric oligonucleotides. Isis Pharmaceuticals, Manoharan Muthiah, Maier Martin A, Prakash Thazha P, Rajeev Kallanthottathil Gopalan, INGLESE Jane E, January 16, 2003: WO/2003/004602 (6 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel nuclease-resistant oligomeric compounds and to novel methods for increasing resistance of oligomeric compounds. In preferred embodiments of the invention, the oligomeric compounds comprise at least one modified nucleoside containing a modified sugar moiety at e ...

Naomasa Shiraishi, Yasuhiro Omura: Optical system and exposure apparatus equipped with the optical system. Nikon Corporation, Oliff & Berridge, January 16, 2003: US20030011893-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

An optical system attains good optical performance in effect without receiving the effects of birefringence even when using a birefringent crystal material such as fluorite The optical system is provided with a first lens group having a plurality of crystal lenses in which the optical axis and the c ...

Toshiro Sato, Kazumasa Kobayashi, Shogo Fujimori: Electronic circuit designing method and apparatus, and storage medium. Fujitsu, Staas & Halsey, January 16, 2003: US20030014725-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

An electronic circuit designing method and apparatus designs an electronic circuit by CAD, by generating design constraints with respect to the electronic circuit based on at least one of general layout and wiring information related to devices and wirings included in the electronic circuit, user re ...

Yeong Kwan Kim, Young Wook Park, Seung Hwan Lee: Method of forming a thin film using atomic layer deposition. Samsung Electronics, Marger Johnson & Mccollom PC, January 16, 2003: US20030013320-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method of forming a thin film using atomic layer deposition (ALD). An ALD reactor having a single reaction space is provided. A batch of substrates is concurrently loaded into the single reaction space of the ALD reactor. Then, a gas containing reactants is introduce ...

George Eugene Darby: Pocket concierge system and method. George E Darby, January 16, 2003: US20030013438-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The Pocket Concierge Method and System comprises at least one call center, digital communications networks, at least one multimedia wireless terminal in which the primary user interface is not a keypad or keyboard, and navigational, informational, commercial, and communications services tailored to ...

Rossier Joël S, Michel Philippe, Reymond Frédéric: Microfluidic chemical assay apparatus and method. Diagnoswiss, Rossier Joël S, Michel Philippe, Reymond Frédéric, MANATON Ross Timothy, January 16, 2003: WO/2003/004160 (4 worldwide citation)

Apparatus method for performing an electrochemical assay or a reaction, using electrical conductivity and/or power in order either to perform a reduction or an oxidation or an ion transfer reaction, or to perform conductimetry and/or impedance measurements, or to generate an electric field in a solu ...