St├ęphane De Lombaert
Raymond F Horvath, Jennifer Tran, St├ęphane De Lombaert, Kevin J Hodgetts, Philip A Carpino, David A Griffith: Certain alkylene diamine-substituted heterocycles. Neurogen Corporation, Pfizer, Ladas & Parry, January 14, 2003: US06506762 (111 worldwide citation)

The present invention also provides a general method to whereby mono-, bi-, or tricyclic heterocycles may be modified to obtain potent antagonists at the NPY


Dimitrios Hondroulis
Dimitrios George Hondroulis, Katherine Tracy Bergquist Kingham, Neville William Kingham: Process for sorbing liquids using tropical fibers. Fybx Enviromental, Gerald R Boss, Troutman Sanders, January 14, 2003: US06506307 (10 worldwide citation)

A process is described for sorbing hydrophobic liquids using a plurality of dried, washed fibers originating from a tropical plant material having naturally hydrophobic fibers. The dried, washed fibers have been washed sufficiently to extract a substantial portion of natural liquids therefrom, there ...

Andrew Fire, Stephen Kostas, Mary Montgomery, Lisa Timmons, SiQun Xu, Hiroaki Tabara, Samuel E Driver, Craig C Mello: Genetic inhibition by double-stranded RNA. Carnegie Institute of Washington, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, January 14, 2003: US06506559 (958 worldwide citation)

A process is provided of introducing an RNA into a living cell to inhibit gene expression of a target gene in that cell. The process may be practiced ex vivo or in vivo. The RNA has a region with double-stranded structure. Inhibition is sequence-specific in that the nucleotide sequences of the duple ...

Michael P Whitman: Expanding parallel jaw device for use with an electromechanical driver device. Power Medical Interventions, Kenyon & Kenyon, January 14, 2003: US06505768 (642 worldwide citation)

A cutting and stapling device for use as an attachment to an electromechanical device driver comprises an upper jaw and a lower jaw which separate and close against one another in a continuously parallel alignment. The upper jaw includes a series of staple guides corresponding to one or more staples ...

William J Rittman III, Eric R Cosman: Cool-tip electrode thermosurgery system. Sherwood Services, January 14, 2003: US06506189 (491 worldwide citation)

For heat ablating living tissue of a body, an ablation electrode, contacting a surface of the tissue or within tissue, is coupled to an RF power supply referenced to a second electrode contacting the body. Fluid coolant is circulated to cool the contact surface extending the ablation to an increased ...

Michael D Laufer: Device and method for correction of a painful body defect. NDO Surgical, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, January 14, 2003: US06506196 (453 worldwide citation)

According to one aspect of the invention, a device for performing a medical procedure includes a first elongated member that is adapted to be positioned inside of an esophagus and a stomach, the first elongated member having a distal flexible portion having a first retracted configuration and a seco ...

Christopher J Walshe: Tissue anchor system. Jones Walker Waechter Poitevent Carrere & Denegre L, January 14, 2003: US06506190 (432 worldwide citation)

The invention disclosed herein is a tissue-anchoring system, including a tissue-anchoring device and tissue anchors. The tissue-anchoring device includes a housing and a tissue anchor positioned on the tissue-anchoring device that will be inserted into a tissue or secured onto a tissue. The device m ...

Anthony J Baerlocher, Joseph E Kaminkow, Gregg J Palmer: Gaming device having improved award offer bonus scheme. IGT, Bell Boyd & Lloyd, January 14, 2003: US06506118 (431 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a gaming device having an improved award offer bonus scheme wherein the player may improve their award during the bonus round. The bonus game enables the player to select an award offer from a plurality of award offers. The gaming device enables the player to modify the sele ...

Sameer Harish, Steven Z Wu, Kurt W Scheinpflug, Brandon Yoe: Methods of coating an implantable device having depots formed in a surface thereof. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Squire Sanders & Dempsey L, January 14, 2003: US06506437 (393 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides methods of coating an implantable device, such as a stent or a graft, having a plurality of depots formed in a surface thereof. An exemplary method includes applying a composition including a polymer and a solvent to the implantable device proximate to the depots. Such ...