Klaus Hafemann
Klaus Hafemann: Foot care apparatus and attachments. Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin PC, January 2, 2003: US20030004442-A1

A care or treatment attachment for a foot care apparatus, comprising at least one movable care or treatment element as well as a coupling piece, with which the attachment can be connected to the movement of a motor-driven driving shaft 8 inside the foot care apparatus 6. The attachment comprises a h ...

Klaus Hafemann
Hafemann Klaus: Foot spa or foot massaging part for a foot spa device and foot spa device with such a part. Wik Far East, January 2, 2003: EP1269966-A2

The device (1) is assembled of two containers (2) filled with water (4, 4') for the accommodation of the feet during the treatment, joined with a bridge (3) fitted with appliances (6) for additional care. An electric drive (7) is located in the space (10) underneath the bridge (3) and is provided wi ...

John Yamamoto
Won Suh Park, John Hiroshi Yamamoto: Method for preparation of lithium aluminum hydride from sodium aluminum hydride. Rohm And Haas Company, January 2, 2003: US20030003045-A1

A method for preparing a lithium aluminum hydride solution comprising lithium aluminum hydride, toluene and tetrahydrofuran by the steps of: (a) combining lithium chloride, tetrahydrofuran, and a slurry of sodium aluminum hydride in toluene; and (b) allowing the mixture formed in step (a) to react t ...

David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, Mindaugas F Dautartas: Microchip having grayscale and micromachined features and single mask process for patterning same. Haleos, January 2, 2003: US20030003382-A1

A microchip is provided having a grayscale feature and a micromachined alignment feature registered to the grayscale feature. A process is also provided to ensure proper registration between the alignment feature and the grayscale feature by using a single exposure mask to define the grayscale featu ...

Bob Ware
Stephen H Brown, Mark F Mathias, Robert A Ware, David H Olson: Selective para-xylene production by toluene methylation. ExxonMobil Chemical Company, January 2, 2003: US20030004383-A1

There is provided a process for the selective production of para-xylene which comprises reacting toluene with methanol in the presence of a catalyst comprising a porous crystalline material having a Diffusion Parameter for 2,2 dimethylbutane of about 0.1-15 sec1 when measured at a temperature of 120 ...

Chen Jian, Tanaka Tomoharu, Fong Yupin, Quader Khandker N: Operating techniques for reducing effects of coupling between storage elements of a non-volatile memory in multiple-data states. Sandisk, Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co, January 2, 2003: EP1271553-A2 (102 worldwide citation)

A non-volatile memory system having an array of memory cells with at least one storage element each is operated with a plurality of storage level ranges per storage element. A flash electrically erasable and programmable read only memory (EEPROM) is an example, wherein the storage elements are elect ...

Behar Yaachov: Security system and software to prevent unauthorized use of a computing device. Redstrike, January 2, 2003: EP1271277-A2 (83 worldwide citation)

A security system to prevent unauthorized use of a computing device (10) comprises a key device (20) carrying an key identification. Memory means are installed in said computing device for storing a validation record. An interface (11,21) is provided to connect said key device with said computing de ...

Suwa Makiko, Asai Kiyoshi, Akiyama Yutaka, Aburatani Hiroyuki: Guanosine triphosphate-binding protein coupled receptors. Nat Inst Of Advanced Ind Scien, Ct For Advanced Science & Tech, January 2, 2003: EP1270724-A2 (70 worldwide citation)

The object of the present invention is to provide a technique for efficiently extracting GPCR sequences from human genome sequences, thereby comprehensively identifying novel GPCRs. An original automatic system for identifying GPCR sequences is disclosed, and 1035 novel GPCRs are successfully identi ...

Doe Steven: Electronic display. Nokia, January 2, 2003: EP1271223-A2 (59 worldwide citation)

An electronic display such as a liquid crystal display (LCD) is disclosed. A mobile telecommunications device incorporating the display according to the invention is also disclosed. The electronic display comprises a lightguide and an active display layer component, with the lightguide and the activ ...

Madenokouji Masaki, Onizuka Keigo, Makino Yasuhiro, Kobayashi Masanori: System interconnection electric power generator. Sanyo Electric Co, Sanyo Electric Air Condition, January 2, 2003: EP1271742-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

In a solar energy generator 10 including a solar battery 11, a boosting circuit 14 for boosting DC power generated by the solar battery 11, an inverter circuit 15 for converting the DC power boosted in the boosting circuit to AC power, and a microcomputer 17 for controlling at least the boosting cir ...