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Systems and methods for controlling the power supplied to an electrosurgical probe. The systems and methods may be used to monitor electrode-tissue contact, adjust power in response to a loss of contact, and apply power in such a manner that charring, coagulum formation and tissue popping are less l ...

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An apparatus and method for the biopsy of tissue specimens and, more particularly, a single insertion multiple sample percutaneous biopsy apparatus and method are provided. A tip at a distal end of a vacuum support tube is introduced into a tissue mass. The vacuum support tube is retracted exposing ...

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The present invention provides methods of cementing subterranean zones using cement compositions comprising calcium aluminate, fly ash, sodium polyphosphate and water.

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Methods of increasing gas exchange performed by the lung by damaging lung cells, damaging tissue, causing trauma, and/or destroying airway smooth muscle tone with an apparatus inserted into an airway of the lung. The damaging of lung cells, damaging tissue, causing trauma, and destroying airway smoo ...

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The present invention is directed to bistable cells and their use in devices, particularly medical devices such as stents, clamps and valves. An expandable stent formed of a plurality of bistable cells is described. The stent has two or more stable configurations, including a first stable configurat ...

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A process of encrypting an object includes applying a hash algorithm to the object, generating a random number, combining a first plurality of splits including the random number to form a working split, encrypting the object using the working split, combining a second plurality of splits not includi ...

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A system employs a tracker and a set of substantially non-shadowing point markers, arranged in a fixed pattern or set in a fluoroscope calibration fixture that is imaged in each shot. The fixture is preferably affixed to the image detector of the fluoroscope, and tracking elements secured with respe ...

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A hand-held electronic device with a keyboard, thumbwheel, display and associated software is optimized for use of the device with the thumbs. The associated software has a plurality of features to optimize efficient use of the limited keyboard space and encourage the use of the device by thumb-base ...

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An electronic memory which cannot be modified or erased, such as one-time programmable or add-only (OTP/AO) memory is used for storing direct or indirect indications of characteristics of a gaming terminal or its components. Preferably, a plurality of gaming terminal boards includes memory that has ...

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In a system that controls access to information resources, a session manager in cooperation with a topology mechanism enables a client to securely interact with a plurality of access servers and associated runtime elements using a plurality of sessions that are coordinated and tracked. The informati ...