Maricela Morales Charles Szmanda
Charles R Szmanda, George G Barclay, Peter Trefonas, Wang Yueh: Polymer and photoresist compositions. Shipley Company, Edwards & Angell, Dike Bronstein Roberts & Cushman IP Group, November 21, 2002: US20020173680-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are spirocyclic olefin polymers, methods of preparing spirocyclic olefin polymers, photoresist compositions including spirocyclic olefin resin binders and methods of forming relief images using such photoresist compositions.

Benjamin Mattes
Wen Lu, Benjamin R Mattes, Andrei G Fadeev: Long-lived conjugated polymer electrochemical devices incorporating ionic liquids. Samuel M Freund, November 28, 2002: US20020177039-A1

The present invention relates to the electrochemistry of conjugated polymers in ionic liquids and the development and fabrication of long-lived, highly stable conjugated polymer electrochemical devices by using ionic liquids as electrolytes. More specially, the invention relates to the use of ionic ...

Ravi Laxman
Ravi K Laxman, Chongying Xu, Thomas H Baum: Low dielectric constant thin films and chemical vapor deposition method of making same. Oliver A Zitzmann, ATMI, November 21, 2002: US20020172766-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A CVD process for producing low-dielectric constant, SiOC thin films using organosilicon precursor compositions having at least one alkyl group and at least one cleavable organic functional group that when activated rearranges and cleaves as a highly volatile liquid or gaseous by-product. In a first ...

Sarah Reybuck Collier
Paul G Rasmussen, Sarah E Reybuck, David M Johnson, Richard G Lawton: Imidazole containing compounds having relatively low hydrogen content and relatively high nitrogen content and polymers and copolymers formed therefrom. The Regents of the University of Michigan, Harness Dickey & Pierce, November 19, 2002: US06482954 (1 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment, the invention provides a polymer comprising imidazole ring units having nitrogen at the 1 and 3 positions of the ring; a carbon at each of the 2, 4 and 5 positions of the ring; and radical substituents G1 and G2 carried at the 4 and 5 positions. G1 and G2 are each independently se ...

Jennifer Petoff
Robert M Waymouth, Raisa L Kravchenko, Jennifer Maciejewski Petoff, Joyce Hung: Metallocene catalysts for synthesis of high-melting polyolefin copolymer elastomers. The Board of Trustees of the Leland Standard Junior University, Jacques M Dulin Esq, Innovation Law Group, November 12, 2002: US06479685 (2 worldwide citation)

Metallocene catalysts having plural coordination geometries for synthesis of high melting polyolefin copolymers suitable as thermoplastic elastomers. The inventive catalysts comprise unbridged, substituted or unsubstituted cyclopentadienyl metallocene catalysts that are capable of inter-converting b ...

James Doherty
Donald B Doherty, Henry Chu, James D Huffman: Blocked stepped address voltage for micromechanical devices. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Charles A Brill, Wade James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, November 12, 2002: US06480177 (205 worldwide citation)

A method of addressing an array of spatial light modulator elements. The method divides the array into blocks of elements, provides reset lines (MRST) to each of the block of elements, separate from the other blocks of elements, as well as address voltage supplies (VCC


Craig Allen
Craig Allen Kukuk: Multi-functional law enforcement tool. Craig Kukuk, November 7, 2002: US20020163799-A1

The invention is a multifunctional law enforcement tool, which preferably includes several of the tools needed by law enforcement and security personnel. In one embodiment the Multifunctional tool comprising an extendable baton, flashlight, stun gun, glass breaker and deterrent spray canister within ...