Benjamin Mattes
Wen Lu, Benjamin R Mattes, Andrei G Fadeev: Long-lived conjugated polymer electrochemical devices incorporating ionic liquids. Samuel M Freund, November 28, 2002: US20020177039-A1

The present invention relates to the electrochemistry of conjugated polymers in ionic liquids and the development and fabrication of long-lived, highly stable conjugated polymer electrochemical devices by using ionic liquids as electrolytes. More specially, the invention relates to the use of ionic ...

Skotheim Terje A, Sheehan Christopher J, Mikhaylik Yuriy V, Affinito John: Lithium anodes for electrochemical cells. Moltech Corporation, Skotheim Terje A, Sheehan Christopher J, Mikhaylik Yuriy V, Affinito John, ROGERS David E, November 28, 2002: WO/2002/095849 (11 worldwide citation)

An anode for use in electrochemical cells, wherein the anode active layer has a first layer comprising lithium metal and a multi-layer structure comprising single ion conducting layers and polymer layers in contact with the first layer comprising lithium metal or in contact with an intermediate prot ...

Datta Debatosh: Lysine and/or analogues and/or polymers thereof for promoting wound healing and angiogenesis. Datta Debatosh, November 28, 2002: WO/2002/094256 (10 worldwide citation)

Use of cationic amino acid I-lysine and/or oligo-lysine (both I- and d- isomer) (most preferably upto molecular wieght 1000) and/or lysine (both I- and d-) analogues (R- group elongated upto C-12) either alone or in various combinations thereof as biocompatible, potent adjuvant wound healing agents ...

Bouchard Michel, Ouellet Andre: Panneau, kit et procede permettant de former un mur de maconnerie en pierre, Panel, kit and method for forming a stone masonry wall. Les Materiaux de Construction Oldcastle Canada, Ouellet Andre, Les Materiaux de Construction Oldcastle Canada, ROBIC, November 28, 2002: CA2447646 (9 worldwide citation)

A panel for forming a masonry wall on a building surface, comprising a back face for covering the building surface, opposite edges and a front face with a predetermined pattern of first and second depressions. The first depressions are shaped and sized for receiving masonry pieces as a whole whereas ...

Norcott William D: Synchronous change data capture in a relational database. Oracle International Corporation, Norcott William D, CARLSON Stephen C, November 28, 2002: WO/2002/095632 (8 worldwide citation)

A synchronous change data capture system and methodology are described in which, for each statement of a transaction, a transaction identifier (233, 241) that uniquely identifies each transaction is recorded along with the change data (231). When the transaction is committed, the transaction identif ...

Huuskonen Jouni, Koskinen Timo, Pakarinen Heikki, Toivanen Timo, Kosonen Mika: Printing paper. Upm Kymmene Corporation, Huuskonen Jouni, Koskinen Timo, Pakarinen Heikki, Toivanen Timo, Kosonen Mika, GUSTAFSSON Helmer, November 28, 2002: WO/2002/095129 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to coated printing paper which contains mechanical pulp and whose opacity is at least 89%, brightness at least 65% and surface roughness not more than 4.5 $g(m)m. The printing paper contains mechanical pulp at least 90 weight-% of the total fibre content of the paper.

Goldberg Michael, Galer Bradley Stuart, Kao Huai Hung: Abuse resistant pharmaceutical composition containing capsaicin. Endo Pharmaceuticals, DONATIELLO Guy T, November 28, 2002: WO/2002/094254 (7 worldwide citation)

A pharmaceutical composition intended for oral use contains the effective ingredient(s), capsaicin, and other typical fillers and excipients. The composition is preferably in the form of a solid oral dosage form. Transdermally administered compositions are also within the purview of the invention. A ...

Suh Dong Tack: Ensemble goupille de deverrouillage pour auvent, Pull pin assembly for canopy. Caravan Canopy International, Caravan Canopy International, FETHERSTONHAUGH & CO, November 28, 2002: CA2447952 (6 worldwide citation)

A pull pin assembly includes: a first pole having a first hole; a second pole having a second hole, and sliding in the first pole; a main body having a central hollow containing the first pole; a pull pin body extending radially from the central hollow, and having a space extending into the central ...

Hyungwon Kim, John P Hayes: Method and system for synthesizing a circuit representation into a new circuit representation having greater unateness. John S Le Roy, Brooks & Kushman PC, November 28, 2002: US20020178432-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

Method, system and computer-executable code are disclosed for synthesizing a representation of a circuit into a new circuit representation having greater unateness. The invention includes partitioning a circuit representation to obtain a representation of at least one sub-circuit, recursively decomp ...

Kenji Saitoh, Akiyoshi Suzuki, Kenji Yamazoe: Exposure method and apparatus. Morgan & Finnegan, November 28, 2002: US20020177048-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

An exposure method comprising the steps of forming onto a mask that arranges a pattern of a contact hole and a plurality of patterns each being smaller than the contact hole pattern, and illuminating the mask using plural kinds of light so as to resolve the desired pattern without the smaller patter ...