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Method and apparatus for copying, transferring, backing up and restoring data are disclosed. The data can be copied, backed up or restored in segments sizes larger than the data blocks which comprise a logical object. In some embodiments, the segment can correspond to a track of a primary storage de ...

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An imaging system for performing forward scanning imaging for application to therapeutic and diagnostic devises used in medical procedures. The imaging system includes forward directed optical coherence tomography (OCT), and non-retroreflected forward scanning OCT. Also interferometric imaging and r ...

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A method and apparatus for local advertising. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or proxies owned by an ISP insert advertisements transmitted from a web host to a client. The advertisement may be stored in the proxy's cache or may be retrieved from a web server for an advertiser. By providing th ...

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A disposable device is provided which accurately and reliably delivers an infusable liquid to a patient. The infusion device includes a housing which defines a bladder chamber. A compressible bladder is disposed in the bladder chamber and is compressed by the housing upon filling the bladder with an ...

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A posterior fixation system includes a saddle member, an anchoring member, an occipital plate, an occipital rod, and a cross-link connector. The anchoring member anchors the saddle member to bone. The saddle member includes a pair of upright portions that define a channel. The channel is adapted to ...

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A method of describing intrusion signatures, which are used by an intrusion detection system to detect attacks on a local network. The signatures are described using a “high level” syntax having features in common with regular expression and logical expression methodology. These high level signature ...

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The present invention is directed to a bipolar electrosurgical end effector for use in medical instruments. A bipolar end effector according to the present invention includes a tissue slot and electrodes arranged on either side of the tissue slot. The opposing electrodes are electrically connected s ...


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A catheter system and methods for repairing a valvular annulus or an annular organ structure of a patient comprising sandwiching and compressing the annulus and applying heat sufficient to shrink or tighten tissue surrounding the annulus defect.

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An occlusion detection system detects an occlusion in a fluid path of an infusion pump. The infusion pump is for delivering fluid to a user. The infusion pump includes a housing, a motor, a reservoir, one or more drive train components, a sensor, and an electronics system. The motor is contained wit ...