Maricela Morales Charles Szmanda
Charles R Szmanda, George G Barclay, Peter Trefonas, Wang Yueh: Polymer and photoresist compositions. Shipley Company, Edwards & Angell, Dike Bronstein Roberts & Cushman IP Group, November 21, 2002: US20020173680-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are spirocyclic olefin polymers, methods of preparing spirocyclic olefin polymers, photoresist compositions including spirocyclic olefin resin binders and methods of forming relief images using such photoresist compositions.

Ravi Laxman
Ravi K Laxman, Chongying Xu, Thomas H Baum: Low dielectric constant thin films and chemical vapor deposition method of making same. Oliver A Zitzmann, ATMI, November 21, 2002: US20020172766-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A CVD process for producing low-dielectric constant, SiOC thin films using organosilicon precursor compositions having at least one alkyl group and at least one cleavable organic functional group that when activated rearranges and cleaves as a highly volatile liquid or gaseous by-product. In a first ...

Maricela Morales
Timothy G Adams, Edward K Pavelchek, Roger F Sinta, Manuel DoCanto, Robert F Blacksmith, Peter Trefonas: Antireflective coating compositions. Shipley Company, Edwards & Angell, Dike Bronstein Roberts & Cushman IP Group, November 21, 2002: US20020172896-A1

The invention provides new light absorbing crosslinking compositions suitable for use as an antireflective composition (ARC), particularly suitable for short wavelength imaging applications such as 193 nm. The ARCs of the invention are preferably used with an overcoated resist layer (i.e. bottom lay ...

Wakashiro Teruo, Takahashi Hideyuki, Matsubara Atsushi, Kamo Tomoharu, Sato Toshiyuki: Control device for hybrid vehicles. Honda Motor, November 21, 2002: TW510867 (22 worldwide citation)

A control device for a hybrid vehicle having an engine and a motor as driving sources for the vehicle, and when decelerating, the control device stops the fuel supply to the engine and generates energy by regenerative braking. The engine is a cylinder pause-type engine which is capable of switching ...

Lin Mau Shiung, Li Jin Yuan, Huang Jin Cheng: Chip structure and process for making the same. Megic Corporation, November 21, 2002: TW511243 (16 worldwide citation)

A chip structure comprises a substrate; a first stacked layer; a protective layer; and a second stacked layer, in which the substrate comprises a plurality of electronic elements arranged on the surface layer of the substrate, the first stacked layer is located on the substrate and comprises a diele ...

Shinji Tanaka: Design method for multilayer wiring board. Nec Corporation, Young & Thompson, November 21, 2002: US20020174413-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

The present invention aims for improving the efficiency of routing in a multilayer wiring board such as a built-up wiring board, which is interconnected by via holes between only adjacent layers. According to the present invention, a parameter prepared for each kind of built-up via of a multilayer w ...

Orgill Dennis P, Eichbaum Quentin Gavin, Huang Sui, Hwang Chao Wei, Ingber Donald E, Saxena Vishal, Garfein Evan Stuart: Methods and apparatus for application of micro-mechanical forces to tissues. Children S Medical Center Corporation, SCHULER David L, November 21, 2002: WO/2002/092783 (12 worldwide citation)

Methods and devices for transmitting micromechanical forces locally to induce surface convolutions into tissues on the millimeter to micron scale for promoting wound healing presented. These convolutions induce a moderate stretching of individual cells stimulating cellular proliferation and elaborat ...


Dal Pra Giuseppe: Combined gear change and brake control unit for a bicycle. Campagnolo, November 21, 2002: TW510875 (9 worldwide citation)

Combined gear change and brake control unit for a bicycle comprising, a support body (12) which can be fastened to the handlebar of the bicycle, a brake control lever (14) pivotally mounted on the support body (12) around a first axis (16), a gear change control unit (18) carried by the support body ...

Maruyama Shigeyuki, Watanabe Naoyuki, Koizumi Daisuke, Sawamori Akira: Semiconductor substrate test device and method. Fujitsu, November 21, 2002: TW511207 (8 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor substrate test device includes a contactor having contact electrodes to be connected with terminals formed on a semiconductor substrate, and a drag supply part supplying a drag to prevent a deformation of the contactor caused by a contact force resulting from contacts of the contact ...