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A system, method, and article of manufacture are described for providing a self-describing stream-based communication system. Messages are sent which include data between a sending system and a receiving system. Meta-data is attached to the messages being sent between the sending system and the rece ...

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Using a writing surface, such as paper on a portable digital notebooks (PDNs) or the surface of a digital white board, users draw, on the fly, selectable items such as buttons with text inside. The user could even draw symbols, on the fly, in the air with his/her finger. The user then selects the dr ...

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An implantable enzyme-based monitoring system suitable for long term in vivo use to measure the concentration of prescribed substances such as glucose is provided. In one embodiment, the implantable enzyme-based monitoring system includes at least one sensor assembly, an outer membrane surrounding t ...

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A vehicular rearview mirror-based navigation system includes a rearview mirror system, including an interior rearview mirror assembly, having an interior reflective element and interior mirror housing for the interior reflective element. The interior rearview mirror assembly further includes a scrol ...

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The present invention is a system and method for providing group communication services in an existing communication system. Group communications are enabled by installing a communications manager in a data network such as the Internet. The communications manager acts as a configurable switch, allow ...

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A method of manufacturing an integrated circuit with a channel region containing germanium. The method can provide a double planar gate structure. The gate structure can be provided over lateral sidewalls of channel region. The semiconductor material containing germanium can increase the charge mobi ...