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A semiconductor device is disclosed, which comprises a semiconductor substrate (10; 60), drain and source regions (11; 12) of a MOS transistor formed in a surface of the semiconductor substrate (10), a gate electrode (15) formed on a surface of a channel region (14) of the MOS transistor between the ...

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A device for determining the spatial position of a teat 21 of an animal. Said device is provided with a first transmitter element 13 for emitting a first ray or beam of rays 27 in a first sub-area A of the space, and with a second transmitter element 14 differing from the first transmitter element 1 ...

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An artificial valve for repairing a damaged heart valve having a plurality of cusps separating an upstream region from a downstream region. The artificial valve includes a flexibly resilient frame sized and shaped for insertion in a position between the upstream region and the downstream region. The ...

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A tubular prosthetic semilunar or atrioventricular heart valve is formed by cutting flat, flexible leaflets according to a pattern. The valve is constructed by aligning the side edges of adjacent leaflets so that the leaflet inner faces engage each other, and then suturing the leaflets together with ...

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A multiple-sided medical device (10) comprises a frame (11) comprising wire or other resilient material and having a series of bends (12) and interconnecting sides. The device is pushed from a delivery catheter into the lumen of a duct or vessel and may include one or more barbs (16) for anchoring p ...

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A hopper outlet valve comprises a series of slots in a seat or seats 1 and a series of slots in a closure member or members 2 with the closure(s) reciprocated relative to the seat(s) by a drive 3. The valve can be of V-shaped cross-section as shown or of U-shape, (Fig 3).

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The preparation of a foamed drink such as cappuccino coffee or frothy hot chocolate by providing a capsule or sachet containing a foamable ingredient such as powdered milk 6 and having an outlet for allowing fluid to escape from the capsule and providing a receptacle 17 positioned to collect fluid e ...

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A beverage making apparatus comprising a holder which holds a capsule 2 containing a beverage brewing ingredient 6, a source of hot liquid, an injector for injecting the hot liquid into the capsule 2 through a nozzle 7, whilst the capsule is held by the holder, to brew a beverage ingredient 6 within ...

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A capsule for the preparation of an edible foam comprising: side walls 2,3 defining an enclosed region containing a foamable ingredients 6; an inlet 7 for injecting a liquid into the said region; and an outlet 5 for allowing liquid to escape from the said region, wherein at least one of the said inl ...

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A displacement of a pedestrian is determined from his or her accelerations by detecting accelerations which are substantially non vertical, determining a characteristic feature in the detected accelerations correlated with a step frequency, determining the displacement on the basis of said determine ...