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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enhance uniformity in a gap surface, gap accuracy and alignment accuracy of a liquid crystal display element.SOLUTION: This manufacturing method includes a process to form a seal pattern to seal a liquid crystal to one substrate 2b among a pair of substrates 2a, 2b having di ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To surely stick substrates together in a short time.SOLUTION: Two substrates 33, 34 at least either one of which is provided with an adhesive 37 are oppositely arranged in a vacuum chamber 15, the inside of the vacuum chamber 15 is gradually exhausted and after that, made into ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To produce a liquid crystal panel without irregularity of display.SOLUTION: One of two substrates 1a, 1b as sticking objects is held on a lower surface of a pressurizing plate 27, the other substrate is held on a table 9, a supply route of a liquid crystal agent to be supplied ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an inspection system using conformability RFID tags capable of discriminating a product from non-conformity products or products which have not yet been inspected by a simple and low cost system by sticking a conformability RFID tag to the product which has passed in ...

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The disposable injector capable of preventing is from rusing is technically characterized by that on the through hole of syringe a receiving hole is formed, and a blocking head is placed at correspondent position of through hole of syringe, when the pushing shaft is used to drive plunger piston and ...

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A touch panel-including illuminator having: a light pipe made of a transparent plate-like material having an upper surface, a lower surface and at least one incidence side surface, the upper surface being provided with light output means through which light incident on the incidence side surface is ...

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The invention relates to a system for intervertebral disk prostheses, comprising standard and corrective prostheses. The corrective prostheses are used to compensate for a ventro-dorsal shift, and are characterised in that the surface (4') by which means the covering plates (15) co-operate with the ...


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An apparatus and method for repairing a wellbore casing (100). An opening (115) in a wellbore casing (100) is located using a logging tool (310). An expandable tubular member (370) is then positioned in opposition to the opening (115) in the wellbore casing (100). The expandable tubular member (370) ...