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A positioner, such as an elastic sock, is fitted with an optical probe, preferably designed for pulse oximetry. The sock preferably substantially forms to the shape of a wearer's foot or hand. In addition, the sock preferably comprises at least one positioning portion. According to one embodime ...

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The present invention relates to patterning methods for organic devices, and more particularly to patterning methods using a die. A first layer of organic materials is deposited over a substrate, followed by a first electrode layer. A first patterned die having a raised portion is then pressed onto ...

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Digital x-ray images taken before a surgical procedure by a fluoroscopic C-arm imager are displayed by a computer and overlaid with graphical representations of instruments be used in the operating room. The graphical representations are updated in real-time to correspond to movement of the instrume ...

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An apparatus controls electronic devices, via radio frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver for communication between the apparatus and a user, a central processing unit (CPU) executing software for handling the conversion of an RF signal from the user into a two dimensional location (an X, Y coordi ...

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A surgical system or assembly for performing cardiac surgery includes a surgical instrument; a servo-mechanical system engaged to the surgical instrument for operating the surgical instrument; and an attachment assembly for removing at least one degree of movement from a moving surgical cardiac work ...

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The present invention is directed to a bipolar electrosurgical instrument suitable for use in mesentery tissue and other suitable tissue structures, including vessels. A bipolar electrosurgical instrument according to the present invention includes an end effector which includes a tissue slot and el ...

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A method for performing design rule checking on OPC corrected or otherwise corrected designs is described. This method comprises accessing a corrected design and generating a simulated image. The simulated image corresponds to a simulation of an image which would be printed on a wafer if the wafer w ...

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The invention provides for servicing a client. A request is received from a client having certain capabilities. This request is automatically satisfied in a manner tailored to the capabilities of the client.

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Methods of forming thin films include forming a first layer comprising a first element that is chemisorbed to a surface of a substrate, by exposing the surface to a first source gas having molecules therein that comprise the first element and a halogen. A step is then performed to expose the first l ...

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A collapsible medical device and associated method for shunting selected organs and vessels, wherein the medical device is shaped from a shape memory metal fabric. The device may be used, for example, to non-surgically create a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt. The device is preferably ...