Anthony L Alles, Arthur Lin, Shyam Prasad Pillalamarri, Kent Huntley Headrick, Thomas Daly, David Mullenex: System and method for providing desired service policies to subscribers accessing the internet. Nortel Networks, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, October 15, 2002: US06466976 (139 worldwide citation)

An internet service node (ISN) enabling the provision of desired service policies to each subscriber. The desired service policies for each subscriber are provided as an input. The desired service policies are translated into processing rules. Each processing rule contains a classifier and associate ...

Peter Forsell: Obtech Medical, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, October 15, 2002: US06464628 (138 worldwide citation)

An anal incontinence treatment apparatus includes an adjustable restriction device implanted in a patient, who suffers from anal incontinence. The device engages a portion of the colon or rectum of the patient to restrict the fecal passageway. An adjustment device mechanically adjusts the restrictio ...

Anoop Goyal, Alex D Poon, Wen Wen: Method and apparatus for verifying the identity of a participant within an on-line auction environment. eBay, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, October 15, 2002: US06466917 (136 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for verifying identity of a participant in a network-based transaction facility are described. According to one embodiment, user interface information is provided to the participant via a communications network. The user interface information specifies an identity verification ...

Densen Cao: Semiconductor light source using a heat sink with a plurality of panels. Cao Group, Daniel P McCarthy, Parsons Behle & Latimer, October 15, 2002: US06465961 (134 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor light source for illuminating a physical space has been invented. In various embodiments of the invention, a semiconductor such as and LED chip, laser chip, LED chip array, laser array, an array of chips, or a VCSEL chip is mounted on a heat sink. The heat sink may have multiple pane ...

Ralph A Chappa, Sheau Ping Hu, Dale G Swan, Melvin J Swanson, Patrick E Guire: Target molecule attachment to surfaces. Surmodics, Merchant & Gould P C, October 15, 2002: US06465178 (132 worldwide citation)

Method and reagent composition for covalent attachment of target molecules, such as nucleic acids, onto the surface of a substrate. The reagent composition includes groups capable of covalently binding to the target molecule. Optionally, the composition can contain photoreactive groups for use in at ...

Mark E Pecen, Niels P Skov Andersen, Michael D Kotzin: Method and apparatus for remote multiple access to subscriber identity module. Motorola, Michael C Soldner, Randall S Vaas, October 15, 2002: US06466804 (131 worldwide citation)

An apparatus enabling multiple client devices to access a SIM card, coupled to a server device, along a local link, that includes a SIM card interface and a router unit. The SIM card interface couples the SIM card to the server device, formats the commands from the client devices for transmission to ...

Jun Ho Ahn, Jin Soo Park: Power brush assembly for vacuum cleaners. LG Electronics, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, October 15, 2002: US06463623 (126 worldwide citation)

A power brush assembly for vacuum cleaners is disclosed. In the power brush assembly, a casing is set in the suction part of a vacuum cleaner and defines a suction nozzle used for sucking dust-laden air under pressure into the suction part of the vacuum cleaner. A power brush is set within the casin ...

Bernt Christian Skotton: Two-lens adjustable intraocular lens system. October 15, 2002: US06464725 (125 worldwide citation)

A lens system for implantation in a human eye which makes it possible to restore accommodation. The lens system comprises one anterior lens (

Katsuyuki Fujita, Kaoru Nakagawa: Semiconductor memory having double data rate transfer technique. Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba, Grace L Pan, Frommer Lawrence & Haug, October 15, 2002: US06466511 (124 worldwide citation)

The semiconductor memory includes a memory cell which handles a clock signal, an address fetch and a command circuit. The memory cell is designated by an address signal and stores data. The clock signal is supplied thereto so as to provide timing for an access to the memory cell, and the clock signa ...

Sau Ching Wong, Kimberley Johnsen: Data coding for multi-bit-per-cell memories having variable numbers of bits per memory cell. Multi Level Memory Technology, David T Millers, October 15, 2002: US06466476 (124 worldwide citation)

A multi-bit-per-cell non-volatile memory stores different portions of a data stream using different numbers of bits per cell. In particular, data that requires a high degree of data integrity (e.g., the header of a data frame) is stored using a relatively small number of bits per memory cell. Data t ...

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