Tammy Balzar
Tammy Jo Balzar, Steven James Nielsen, Yihua Chang: Coating Method. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Thomas M Parker, Douglas G Glantz, October 1, 2002: US06458064 (4 worldwide citation)

An applicator article and method are disclosed for inserting a substance into a body cavity. The applicator article and method are especially useful for inserting a catamenial tampon into a woman's vagina. The applicator article includes a tubular member formed from at least one layer of paper ...


Frederick S M Herz: System and method for providing customized electronic newspapers and target advertisements. Pinpoint Incorporated, Melvin A Hunn, October 1, 2002: US06460036 (973 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to customized electronic identification of desirable objects, such as news articles, in an electronic media environment, and in particular to a system that automatically constructs both a “target profile” for each target object in the electronic media based, for example, on th ...

Steven R Bailey, Christopher T Boyle: Endoluminal cardiac and venous valve prostheses and methods of manufacture and delivery thereof. ABPS Venture One, David G Rosenbaum, Rosenbaum & Associates P C, October 1, 2002: US06458153 (793 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to prosthetic cardiac and venous valves and a single catheter device and minimally invasive techniques for percutaneous and transluminal valvuloplasty and prosthetic valve implantation.

Eric M Olden: Security and access management system for web-enabled and non-web-enabled applications and content on a computer network. RSA Security, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, October 1, 2002: US06460141 (656 worldwide citation)

A security and access management system provides unified access management to address the specific problems facing the deployment of security for the Web and non-Web environment. Unified access management consists of strategic approaches to unify all key aspects of Web and non-Web security policies, ...

Mark Raymond Pace, Brooks Cash Talley: Distributed content identification system. Vierra Magen Marcus Harmon & DeNiro, October 1, 2002: US06460050 (590 worldwide citation)

A file content classification system includes a digital ID generator and an ID appearance database coupled to receive IDs from the ID generator. The system further includes a characteristic comparison routine identifying the file as having a characteristic based on ID appearance in the appearance da ...

Ihor Lys, George G Mueller, Frederick Marshall Morgan: Precision illumination methods and systems. Color Kinetics Incorporated, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, October 1, 2002: US06459919 (541 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems are provided for illuminating a material using an LED system, a processor for controlling the LED system and a positioning system for positioning the LED system in a spatial relationship with the material being illuminated. Furthermore, these methods and systems are available for ...

Gregg Jørgen Suaning: Retinal stimulator. Alston & Bird, October 1, 2002: US06458157 (464 worldwide citation)

An apparatus facilitating the delivery of electrical stimulation to physiologically excitable retinal nerve cells includes: (a), a receiver/decoder/stimulator comprising a semiconductor integrated circuit and other components hermetically sealed within a capsule, implanted and fixed within the eye o ...

Eric Richard Bartsch, Charles William Fisher, Paul Amaat France, James Frederick Kirkpatrick, Gary Gordon Heaton, Thomas Charles Hortel, Arseni Velerevich Radomyselski, James Randy Stigall: Home cleaning robot. The Procter & Gamble Company, Larry L Huston, Leonard L Lewis, October 1, 2002: US06459955 (437 worldwide citation)

An autonomously movable cleaning robot comprising a platform and motive force to autonomously move the robot on a substantially horizontal surface having boundaries. The robot further has a computer processing unit for storing, receiving and transmitting data, and a cleaning implement operatively as ...

Alan Wayne Henley, Leigh Marie Moses, Ronald Leslie Sanderson, John Howard, James H Price, Russell W Bessette: Wound treatment apparatus. Hill Rom Services, October 1, 2002: US06458109 (432 worldwide citation)

A wound treatment apparatus for treatment of surface wounds with a bandage system configured to control the environment adjacent the wound. The apparatus includes a bandage configured to cover a wound and provide a seal about the perimeter of the wound and cavity over the wound. A fluid supply condu ...