Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas III, Refael Bar, Daniel Alfonsi, Dai Feng, Jeff G Carter, Charlie M Monroe Jr, Ronald F Hales, George T Krieger: Readable indelible mark on storage media. Iomega Corporation, Woodcock Washburn, September 3, 2002: US06445523 (5 worldwide citation)

A storage media is disclosed and comprises a storage body and a readable indelible mark formed in the body such that portions thereof are indelibly altered. The mark is read by writing first data to the body in the region of the mark, and reading second data from the body in such region. The written ...

Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Bruce E Bernacki, George T Krieger, Fred C Thomas III: Optical servo writing. Iomega Corporation, Woodcock Washburn, September 3, 2002: US06445667 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method for servo writing an optical or magneto-optical medium where a data path is defined by transmitting a laser beam onto the medium to change the crystalline structure at preselected portions. These portions can guide an optical head along the data path. Embodi ...

Rajiv Banavali
Ravindranath Mukkamala, Rajiv Manohar Banavali: Oil-soluble additive compositions for lubricating oils. Rohm And Haas Company, September 26, 2002: US20020137638-A1

An oil-soluble lubricant additive composition comprising: (a) at least one compound of formula I: 1  wherein R1, R2, R3 and R4 are independently hydrogen, alkyl, alkenyl, aryl or aralkyl; or R1 and R2, or R3 and R4, combine with the carbon atom to which they are attached to form an alkyl or alkenyl ...




Sanjay Chaturvedi
Sanjay Chaturvedi, Anne Mae Gaffney, Scott Han, Elsie Mae Vickery: Promoted multi-metal oxide catalyst. Alan Holler, Rohm and Haas Company Patent Department, September 19, 2002: US20020133044-A1

A catalyst comprising an In promoted mixed metal oxide is useful for the vapor phase oxidation of an alkane, or a mixture of an alkane and an alkene, to an unsaturated carboxylic acid and for the vapor phase ammoxidation of an alkane, or a mixture of an alkane and an alkene, to an unsaturated nitril ...

Garo Khanarian
Jeffrey Lawrence Daecher, Steven David Fields, Garo Khanarian, Alan Daniel Stein: Process and apparatus for forming plastic sheet. Rohm and Haas Company, S Matthew Cairns, September 17, 2002: US06451403 (2 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an apparatus for formation of high quality plastic sheet in a continuous fashion. Also disclosed are a variety of optical and electronic display applications for high quality plastic sheet produced in a continuous fashion.

Brian Goodall
Saikumar Jayaraman, Brian Leslie Goodall, Larry Funderburk Rhodes, Robert Adam Shick, Richard Vicari, Robert David Allen, Juliann Opitz, Ratnam Sooriyakumaran, Thomas Wallow: Polycyclic resist compositions with increased etch resistance. The B F Goodrich Company, International Business Machines, Thoburn T Dunlap, Hudak & Shunk Co LPA, September 17, 2002: US06451499 (6 worldwide citation)

Polycyclic polymers containing pendant aromatic moieties are disclosed. The polymers exhibit light transparency properties to deep UV wave lengths making them useful for high resolution photolithographic applications. These polymers are particularly useful in chemically amplified positive and negati ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Donald V Perino, Sayeh Khalili: Redistributed bond pads in stacked integrated circuit die package. Rambus, Pennie & Edmonds, September 12, 2002: US20020127775-A1

A semiconductor module having a first integrated circuit die having a planar surface. The first integrated circuit die has a first conductive pad disposed substantially on the planar surface and a redistributed conductive pad electrically connected to the first conductive pad. The redistributed cond ...