James Reuss
James L Reuss: Pulse oximeter with signal sonification. OB Scientific, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S C, September 10, 2002: US06449501 (153 worldwide citation)

An improved pulse oximeter is disclosed. The pulse oximeter includes audio signal generation means, controlled by algorithms in a processing element which continuously transform the signals from the sensor into signal quality information. This information is converted into an audio signal and annunc ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba: Semiconductor module with imbedded heat spreader. Rambus, Pennie & Edmonds, September 10, 2002: US06449159 (117 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a semiconductor module comprising a heat spreader, at least two semiconductors thermally coupled to the heat spreader, and a plurality of electrically conductive leads electrically connected to the semiconductors. The leads may form part of a flexible circuit at least partiall ...

Katherina Babich
Katherina Babich, Alessandro Callegari, Stephen Alan Cohen, Alfred Grill, Christopher Vincent Jahnes, Vishnubhai Vitthalbhai Patel, Sampath Purushothaman, Katherine Lynn Saenger: Stabilization of fluorine-containing low-k dielectrics in a metal/insulator wiring structure by ultraviolet irradiation. International Business Machines Corporation, Robert M Trepp, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, September 10, 2002: US06448655 (21 worldwide citation)

A method for providing regions of substantially lower fluorine content in a fluorine containing dielectric is described incorporating exposing a region to ultraviolet radiation and annealing at an elevated temperature to remove partially disrupted fluorine from the region. The invention overcomes th ...

Eric C Peters, Stanley Rabinowitz, Herbert R Jacobs: Computer system and process for transferring streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner. Avid Technology, Peter J Gordon, September 10, 2002: US06449688 (800 worldwide citation)

Multiple applications request data from multiple storage units over a computer network. The data is divided into segments and each segment is distributed randomly on one of several storage units, independent of the storage units on which other segments of the media data are stored. Redundancy inform ...

Akira Ishikawa, Nabuo Takeda, Suzanne I Ahn, Samuel S Ahn, Steven R Hays, F Andrew Gaffney: Miniature implanted orthopedic sensors. Ball Semiconductor, Howison Thoma & Arnott L, September 10, 2002: US06447448 (485 worldwide citation)

A substantially spherical semiconductor ball implanted in orthopedic structures for sensing and/or stimulation. In one embodiment, a vertebral column (

Yair Goldfinger, Sefi Vigiser, Arieh Vardi, Amir Amnon: Communication system. AOL Acquisition Corporation, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, September 10, 2002: US06449344 (373 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a communication system including a communications network, a multiplicity of communications terminals which are connectable to the communications network and which can be employed by users to communicate via the communications network, the user not necessarily being i ...

David M Van Wie, Robert P Weber: Steganographic techniques for securely delivering electronic digital rights management control information over insecure communication channels. InterTrust Technologies, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, September 10, 2002: US06449367 (343 worldwide citation)

Electronic steganographic techniques can be used to encode a rights management control signal onto an information signal carried over an insecure communications channel. Steganographic techniques ensure that the digital control information is substantially invisibly and substantially indelibly carri ...

Michael R S Hill, Scott E Jahns, James R Keogh: Method and system for nerve stimulation prior to and during a medical procedure. Medtronic, Cardinal Law Group, September 10, 2002: US06449507 (340 worldwide citation)

A method of performing a medical procedure, such as surgery, is provided. A nerve is stimulated in order to adjust the beating of the heart to a first condition, such as a stopped or slowed condition. The medical procedure is performed on the heart or another organ. The stimulation of the nerve is s ...


Allen Dwight Easty, Aaron Richard Baskin, Jonathan Trumbull Taplin, Jeremiah Chechik, Steven Lewis Nelson: Graphic user interface for a digital content delivery system using circular menus. Intertainer, Martin & Ferraro, September 10, 2002: US06448987 (327 worldwide citation)

Menu structures having a balanced, predominantly circular appearance for a graphic user interface (GUI) for a delivery system of multiple categories of digital information content. The menu has two concentric rings having icons arranged along the rings identifying menu choices. The outer menu ring p ...