Ohsawa Takashi: Semiconductor memory device. Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co, September 4, 2002: EP1237193-A2 (122 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor memory device has MIS transistors to constitute a memory cell array. Each of the MIS transistors has a silicon layer in a floating state. Furthermore, the MIS transistor has a second gate, a potential of which is fixed in order to control a potential of the silicon layer by a capacit ...

Verbana Gianfranco, Garofoli Primo: Hybrid through-air telecommunication system protected against outages. Cit Alcatel, September 4, 2002: EP1237303-A2 (103 worldwide citation)

A hybrid through-air telecommunication system of a radio/optical type is described which significantly reduces the annual unavailability caused by weather events and/or faults. The hybrid optical and radio system further permits, given an annual availability value, of significantly increasing the ma ...

Drochon Bruno, Kefi Slaheddine: Very low-density cement slurry. Schlumberger Technology, Schlumberger Services Petrol, Schlumberger Holdings, September 4, 2002: EP1236701-A1 (97 worldwide citation)

A cement slurry having a density between 750 kg/m and 1,000 kg/m, comprising a solid fraction comprising: either 75% - 90% (by volume) of lightweight particles having a mean particle size between 10 and 60 mu m; 10% - 25% (by volume) of Portland cement having a mean particle size of between 10 and 5 ...

Maccone Patrizia, Fossati Paolo: Semipermeable porous membranes of semi-crystalline fluoropolymers. Ausimont, September 4, 2002: EP1236503-A1 (70 worldwide citation)

Semipermeable porous membranes having an average pore diameter in the range 0.01-3 mu m, and porosity in the range 30%-90%, based on semi-crystalline fluoropolymers and the respective preparation process, wherein the semi-crystalline fluoropolymers comprise: (a) from 10 to 70% by moles of ethylene, ...

Heijnen Wilhelmus Hubertus Pau: Pipe expansion device. Shell Int Research, September 4, 2002: EP1235972-A1 (66 worldwide citation)

A device (1) for expanding a pipe comprising a bi-conical sleeve (3) having a first section (5) and a second section (11), which sections (5, 11) are provided with at least two longitudinal guide channels (20), first wedges (25), wherein each first wedge (25) tapers into the direction in which the f ...

Huber Stefan, Oelschlaeger Martin Dr, Schreiber Michael Dr: Antenna and method for fabricating same. Siemens, September 4, 2002: EP1237224-A1 (62 worldwide citation)

An antenna (2) has a combined antenna structure in which at least one loop antenna structure (10) is combined with at least one rod antenna structure (13). The combined antenna structure has a loop antenna structure (10) specifically in the frequency band with the lowest frequency.

Head Philip: Use of coiled tubing and jet drilling to install a casing. Head Philip, September 4, 2002: GB2372765-A (60 worldwide citation)

A method of installing a conductor pipe 10 or casing 20 in the sea bed 45 comprises lowering the casing or conductor on a length of coiled tubing 30 deployed from a reel on a floating vessel 16. The tubing may extend along the length of the casing and supply pressurised fluid to create a hole ahead ...

Mcminn Derek James Wallace: An instrument and femoral implant for use in hip resurfacing. Mcminn Derek James Wallace, September 4, 2002: GB2372707-A (53 worldwide citation)

An instrument for use in hip resurfacing comprises a stem 20 part and a releasably connected operative head part, portions of the releasable connection being located at or adjacent to an end of the stem and on the head part. The operative head part may comprise a sleeve cutter 21, a chamfer cutter, ...

Brown Barry Allen Thomas: Computer network. Hewlett Packard Co, September 4, 2002: GB2372850-A (52 worldwide citation)

A method of operating a computer network (1) comprising a server (2) and a plurality of personal computers (3a, 3b, 3c), the method comprising running a program on each of the personal computers (3a, 3b, 3c) which is operative to locate on the hard drives thereof files or references thereto of a pre ...

Miotto Onorio, Rudelli Martino: Band fastener with continuous adjustment. Piva S R L, Premec S P A, September 4, 2002: EP1236412-A1 (49 worldwide citation)

A band fastener with continuous regulation, to be applied, in particular, to accessories, items of clothing and sports footwear as well as to body-protection clothing and footwear, in which prevention against a possible loosening, a continuous and micrometric regulation and a rapid unfastening must ...