Jennifer Petoff
Robert M Waymouth, Jennifer L Maciejewski Petoff, Raisa L Kravchenko: Methods of production of ethylene copolymers having narrow composition distributions and high melting temperatures. The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, Jacques M Dulin Esq, Innovation Law Groupsm, August 22, 2002: US20020115805-A1

A copolymer of ethylene and at least one comonomer containing at least 4 carbon atoms is characterized by a polydispersity greater than 2, a broad melting point transition as measured by differential scanning calorimetry, and a narrow composition distribution. Ethylene/C4+ copolymers also may show a ...

Jens Nagel
Donald Remboski, Kenneth Douros, Judith Lee Gardner, Robert Michael Gardner, Joshua B Hurwitz, Robert H Leivian, Jens Nagel, David John Wheatley, Clifford A Wood: Method and apparatus for vehicle operator performance assessment and improvement. Marshall Gerstein & Borun, August 22, 2002: US20020116156-A1

A method of assessing vehicle operator performance includes the steps of receiving vehicle operating data (502); monitoring an interior portion of the vehicle and receiving operator activity data from the interior portion vehicle (504); receiving vehicle environment data from the environment externa ...

Charles Sperry
Sperry Charles R, Scott Suzanne: Appareil et procede permettant de former des recipients gonflables, Apparatus and method for forming inflated containers. Sealed Air Corporation, Sealed Air Corporation, SMART & BIGGAR, August 22, 2002: CA2449691

An apparatus for forming inflated containers includes a film web that includes two juxtaposed film plies, a closed longitudinal edge, an open longitudinal edge, and a series of transverse seals having a first end located at the closed longitudinal edge and a second end terminating a predetermined di ...

Fefer Michael: Emulsifiants pour liquides hydro-isomerises hautement satures et procedes de minimisation dinfestation parasitaire en agriculture, Technique for emulsifying highly saturated hydroisomerized fluids. Platte Chemical Company, Petro Canada, Platte Chemical Company, Petro Canada, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, August 22, 2002: CA2434848 (10 worldwide citation)

A preferred emulsifier blend includes ethoxylated alcohols containg hydrocarbons of C10-C16 and preferably having on average at least 2.8 ethoxy and/or alcohol groups per chain and y glycerol mono- and/or dioleates, preferably in a ratio of from 9:1 to 4:6. These emulsion blends are particularly use ...

Colvin John, Vignal Charles, Tissot Philippe Edouard, Crowe Larry Raymond: Substrat impregne de resine, methode de fabrication et systeme obtenu, Resin-impregnated substrate, method of manufacture and system therefor. Houston Advanced Research Center, Houston Advanced Research Center, EMERY JAMIESON, August 22, 2002: CA2437826 (8 worldwide citation)

The disclosed invention relates to polyisocyanate-impregnated lignocellulosic substrates having improved strength, water resistance and appearance, and also to methods and systems for producing such substrates. The polyisocyanate-impregnated lignocellulosic substrate are produced by impregnating a l ...

Carlisle Clinton, Trisnadi Jahja I: An illumination system for one-dimensional spatial light modulators employing multiple light sources. Silicon Light Machines, HAVERSTOCK Thomas B, August 22, 2002: WO/2002/065184 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to illuminating a one-dimensional spatial light modulator (70) using an illumination system employing multiple light sources (10). The illumination system comprises a parallel array of light sources which provides a plurality of light outputs to an optical train (20 ...

Andrei V Shchegrov, Anatoly Fabrikant, Mehrdad Nikoonahad: Parametric profiling using optical spectroscopic systems. James S Hsue, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson, August 22, 2002: US20020113966-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

A gallery of seed profiles is constructed and the initial parameter values associated with the profiles are selected using manufacturing process knowledge of semiconductor devices. Manufacturing process knowledge may also be used to select the best seed profile and the best set of initial parameter ...

Cooper Andrew Mcdonald, Cooper Timothy John: Common web facility for franchisee online sales. Topshop Holdings, Cooper Andrew Mcdonald, Cooper Timothy John, INTELLPRO, August 22, 2002: WO/2002/065353 (4 worldwide citation)

A web facility (10) allows a costumer to view a website (12) created by the facility (10), submit order information and make payment. The website (12) is displayed via costumer"s web browser (11) utilising embedded data from both or either of a default database (13) and a linking database (14). The ...

Todd Michael A: Dopant precursors and processes. Asm America, sALTMAN Daniel E, August 22, 2002: WO/2002/065508 (4 worldwide citation)

Silicon alloys and doped silicon films are prepared by chemical vapor deposition and ion implantation processes using Si-containing chemical precursors as sources for Group III and Group V atoms. Preferred dopant precursors include (H3Si)3-xMRx, (H3Si)3N, and (H3Si)4N2, wherein R is H or D, x = 0, 1 ...

Jeon Jin, Kim Hyung Guel, Moon Seung Hwan: Shift register and liquid crystal display using the same. Samsung Electronics, PARK Young Woo, August 22, 2002: WO/2002/065062 (4 worldwide citation)

There is provided a shift register in which multiple stages are connected one after another to each other, the multiple stages having a first stage in which a start signal is coupled to an input terminal, the shift register sequentially outputting output signals of respective stages. The multiple st ...

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