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A surgical clamp system including a clamp, a delivery/retrieval device, and an actuator is provided. The clamp includes a pair of jaws actuatable relative to each other from a fully open to a fully closed position. The delivery/retrieval device is detachably connected to the clamp, and is operable b ...

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A centralized gaming system comprises a central server system and a plurality of display terminals remote from and linked to the central server system. The central server system includes a master game server, a game execution server, and a database server. The master game server stores a plurality o ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To highly accuratly and quickly bond a substrate in vacuum.SOLUTION: A first table 4 for detachably holding one of the upper and the lower substrates, and a second table 3 opposed to the first table 4 and to detachably hold the other substrate are provided in a vacuum chamber 2 ...

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A multi-section filamentary stent comprises a braided section, which is a cylindrical mesh of a first set of filaments, connected to at least one wound section comprising a second set of one or more filaments having a repeating configuration with a bent portion. The two sections are preferably conne ...

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An entertainment machine has a display 4 with at least a first and a second region each having at least one associated symbol, processing circuitry which controls the display, and at least one input which allows a player to move a symbol 48 from the first region 28 to the second region 24. The secon ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for sticking a wafer which enables to do direct die-bonding and furnishes a semiconductor package with high reliability; and a semiconductor device which can be produced at a low cost and is excellent in temperature-cycle resistanc ...

颜聪文: 新型置物篮. 昆山兴宝塑料制品有限公司, 盛建德, 昆山四方, August 14, 2002: CN01263385.2 (60 worldwide citation)




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The data transmission rate on the reverse link in a mobile communications system is controlled by determining an interference level at a base station due to signals from all mobile stations served by the base station, and determining a transmission energy level required for each mobile station. The ...