Craig Allen
Richard Paul Malingowski, Teresa Inez Hood, Trent Allen Chontas, Craig Allen Rodgers, Mark Zindler, William D Munsch: Cam and axle for adjustable magnetic trip device. Eaton Corporation, August 13, 2002: US06433659

An adjustable magnetic trip device for a molded case circuit breaker is provided where the trip device includes a plunger and a stationary core as well as a plunger support structure with a movable plunger carriage. The position of the plunger assembly and carriage relative to the stationary core is ...

Jay R Hotchkiss: Inbred corn plant 89AHD12 and seeds thereof. Dekalb Genetics Corporation, Fulbright & Jaworski, August 13, 2002: US06433261 (1410 worldwide citation)

According to the invention, there is provided an inbred corn plant designated 89AHD12. This invention thus relates to the plants, seeds and tissue cultures of the inbred corn plant 89AHD12, and to methods for producing a corn plant produced by crossing the inbred corn plant 89AHD12 with itself or wi ...

Douglas K Warner, James N Richter: Temporal updates of relevancy rating of retrieved information in an information search system. RightNow Technologies, Dorsey & Whitney, August 13, 2002: US06434550 (964 worldwide citation)

An information retrieval system allows a user to search a database of informational items for a desired informational item, and presents the search result in the form of matching index entries in the order of relevance. The information retrieval system in accordance with the principles of the presen ...

John Acres: Method for providing incentive to play gaming devices connected by a network to a host computer. Acres Gaming, Marger Johnson & McCollom PC, August 13, 2002: US06431983 (442 worldwide citation)

A method for providing incentive to players of networked slot machines includes a card reader associated with each machine and a card associated with each player. A player account accessible by a host computer on the network is created which associates the player's card with the account. A pred ...

Barry J French, Kevin R Ferguson: System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space. Trazer Technologies, Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, August 13, 2002: US06430997 (407 worldwide citation)

Accurate simulation of sport to quantify and train performance constructs by employing sensing electronics for determining, in essentially real time, the player's three dimensional positional changes in three or more degrees of freedom (three dimensions); and computer controlled sport specific ...

Michel K Bowman Amuah: Information services patterns in a netcentric environment. Accenture, Daphne L Burton, Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, August 13, 2002: US06434568 (383 worldwide citation)

A system, method, and article of manufacture are provided for implementing information services patterns associated with a relational database management system in an object-oriented persistence architecture. An object attribute is translated to and from a database value utilizing a database. Data i ...

Dean Weber: Object interactive user interface using speech recognition and natural language processing. One Voice Technologies, James Y C Sze, Pillsbury Winthrop, August 13, 2002: US06434524 (360 worldwide citation)

A system and method for interacting with objects, via a computer using utterances, speech processing and natural language processing. A Data Definition File relates networked objects and a speech processor. The Data Definition File encompasses a memory structure relating the objects, including gramm ...

Robert Fraser: Anterior lumbar interbody fusion cage with locking plate. DePuy AcroMed, Nutter McClennan & Fish, August 13, 2002: US06432106 (356 worldwide citation)

A spinal fixation assembly includes a fusion cage to which a plate is mated. The plate is configured to receive, retain and orient bone screws.

Jonathan E DeLine, Niall R Lynam, Ralph A Spooner: Mirror-based audio system for a vehicle. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, August 13, 2002: US06433676 (345 worldwide citation)

A mirror-based audio system for a vehicle preferably includes an electrochromic interior rearview mirror system including an electrochromic interior rearview mirror assembly. The electrochromic interior rearview mirror assembly includes electronic circuitry for at least adjusting the reflectivity of ...

Philippe Armangau: Snapshot copy facility for a data storage system permitting continued host read/write access. EMC Corporation, Howrey Simon Arnold & White, August 13, 2002: US06434681 (341 worldwide citation)

A snapshot copy of a production data set is maintained while a host may continue write access to the production data set. The data storage system responds to a host request to write to a storage location of the production data set by checking whether or not the storage-location has been modified sin ...