Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Robert D Allgood, Paul Smith, Fred C Thomas III: Frequency based cartridge detection system. Iomega Corporation, Woodcock Washburn, July 23, 2002: US06424492 (3 worldwide citation)

A data storage disk having a latent illuminance discrimination marker for determining whether the data storage disk is suitable for use in a disk drive. A light source illuminates the marker and the marker emits illuminance, preferably as phosphorescence. A detector detects the emitted illuminance, ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Konstantine Karavakis: Components with releasable leads. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, July 23, 2002: US06423907 (16 worldwide citation)

A connection component for making connections to a microelectronic element is made by providing leads on a surface of a polymeric layer and etching the polymeric layer to partially detach the leads from the polymeric layer, leaving a portion of each lead releasably connected to the polymeric layer b ...


Bob Ware
Stephen H Brown, Mark F Mathias, Robert A Ware, David H Olson: Selective para-xylene production by toluene methylation. ExxonMobil Oil Corporation, July 23, 2002: US06423879 (58 worldwide citation)

There is provided a process for the selective production of para-xylene which comprises reacting toluene with methanol in the presence of a catalyst comprising a porous crystalline material having a Diffusion Parameter for 2,2 dimethylbutane of about 0.1-15 sec

John J Mastrototaro, Todd M Gross, John J Shin: Glucose monitor calibration methods. Medtronic Minimed, Medtronic Minimed, July 23, 2002: US06424847 (854 worldwide citation)

A method of calibrating glucose monitor data includes collecting the glucose monitor data over a period of time at predetermined intervals. It also includes obtaining at least two reference glucose values from a reference source that temporally correspond with the glucose monitor data obtained at th ...

Morris E Cohen: Apparatus and methods for improved credit cards and credit card transactions. July 23, 2002: US06422462 (435 worldwide citation)

Customized credit and debit cards for issuance by a person or main cardholder, the cards being limited to use in transactions at selected vendors only. Thus, for example, a parent or corporation can issue a customized card to a person or group, wherein the card is only valid for use at restaurants, ...

Srinivas Gutta, Miroslav Trajkovic, Antonio Colmenarez: System to aid a driver to determine whether to change lanes. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Dicran Halajian, July 23, 2002: US06424273 (388 worldwide citation)

A vehicular vision system to aid a driver of a vehicle to determine whether it is safe to change lanes includes a camera having a field of view such that the field of view corresponds to at least a portion of an area proximate the vehicle. The system also includes an object identifier electrically c ...

Craig Thorner, Paul M Heilman III: Universal tactile feedback system for computer video games and simulations. July 23, 2002: US06422941 (372 worldwide citation)

A universal tactile feedback system for computer and video game systems is disclosed which provides real time tactile feedback to enhance a user's experience while interacting with a computer/video game or simulation. The tactile feedback system operates both in host-independent and host-depend ...

Gunter D Niemeyer, Gary S Guthart, William C Nowlin, Nitish Swarup, Gregory K Toth, Robert G Younge: Camera referenced control in a minimally invasive surgical apparatus. Intuitive Surgical, Mark D Barrish Esq, Townsend Townsend & Crew, July 23, 2002: US06424885 (308 worldwide citation)

Enhanced telepresence and telesurgery systems automatically update coordinate transformations so as to retain alignment between movement of an input device and movement of an end effector as displayed adjacent the input device. A processor maps a controller workspace with an end effector workspace, ...

Karen I Trovato, Paul Rankin, Carolyn Ramsey: System creating chat network based on a time of each chat access request. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, Gregory L Thorne, July 23, 2002: US06425012 (292 worldwide citation)

When a person requests access to a chat session, the time of the request is used to determine which chat room the person is placed. Other parameters are used to determine the surrounding factors, or context, within which the person initiated the request, such as the particular television program tha ...