Michael Straub
Elango Pakriswamy, Jong K Kim, Michael P Straub: High bandwidth low noise cross-coupled amplifier. Lucent Technologies, Kinney & Lange Pa, July 18, 2002: US20020093752-A1

A differential amplifier circuit for amplifying an input signal and for providing an output signal representative of the input signal includes first and second amplifier circuits, and first and second coupling circuits. The first and second amplifier circuits each include first and second transistor ...

Charles Sperry
Sperry Charles R, Scott Suzanne, Rice Neil E Jr: Distributeur de fluide comprenant un systeme de distribution de solvant de nettoyage, Fluid dispenser having improved cleaning solvent delivery system. Sealed Air Corporation, Sealed Air Corporation, SMART & BIGGAR, July 18, 2002: CA2446690

A fluid dispenser (24) generally includes a housing (52) and a valving rod (54) disposed in and movable within the housing, the valving rod including a central bore (82), at least one inlet (84) for receiving a cleaning solvent, and one or more outlet (86) ports in fluid communication with the bore ...

Charles Sperry
Sperry Charles R, Scott Suzanne: Dispositif et procede pour lintroduction de fluide dans des contenants flexibles preformes et pour la fermeture de ces contenants, Apparatus and method for dispensing fluid into pre-formed flexible containers and enclosing the fluid within the containers. Sealed Air Corporation, Sealed Air Corporation, SMART & BIGGAR, July 18, 2002: CA2434049

An apparatus for dispensing fluid (26) into pre-formed, flexible containers (14) and enclosing the fluid within the containers includes a web of film (12) comprising a series of pre-formed flexible containers (14), each of the pre-formed containers being capable of holding therein a quantity of flui ...

Lant Neil Joseph, Salager Serge Eric, Eshuis Johan Hans, Pena Romero Angelina: Compositions de detergent comprenant des particules comportant un agent utile, Detergent compositions comprising particles with benefit agent. The Procter & Gamble Company, The Procter & Gamble Company, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, July 18, 2002: CA2423788 (25 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a shaped detergent composition, said composition comprising: (a) a surfactant; and (b) a plurality of discrete particles comprising benefit agent, said particles having a average particle size of at least 1.2mm, preferably from 1.5mm to 10mm, more preferably from 2.0 ...

Young Hoon Park: Apparatus and method for depositing thin film on wafer using atomic layer deposition. Cantor Colburn, July 18, 2002: US20020094689-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

An atomic layer deposition (ALD) thin film deposition apparatus including a reactor in which a wafer is mounted and a thin film is deposited on the wafer, a first reaction gas supply portion for supplying a first reaction gas to the reactor, a second reaction gas supply portion for supplying a secon ...

Raul Medina: Pluggable transceiver module with extended release and removal lever. Stratos Lightwave, July 18, 2002: US20020093796-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

A pluggable transceiver module having a housing with a first side and a face perpendicular to the first side, and a tab extending above the surface of the first side sized to mate with a slot in a receptacle for the housing, a wedge slidably mounted on the first side proximate the tab, and a lever a ...

Seidel Dugan Cynthia, Kadyk Lisa C, Mapa Phelipa A: Srebp pathway modulation through targeting hisrs. Exelixis, Seidel Dugan Cynthia, Kadyk Lisa C, Mapa Phelipa A, BRUNELLE Jan, July 18, 2002: WO/2002/055663 (6 worldwide citation)

Human HisRS genes are identified as modulators of the SREPB pathway and thus are therapeutic for disorders associated with the SREBP pathway. Methods for identifying modulators of HisRS, comprising screening for agents that modulate the activity of HisRS are provided.

Louis L Hsu, Rajiv V Joshi, Fariborz Assaderaghi: T-RAM array having a planar cell structure and method for fabricating the same. International Business Machines Corporation, Paul J Farrell Esq, Dilworth & Barrese, July 18, 2002: US20020093030-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

A T-RAM array having a planar cell structure is presented which includes a plurality of T-RAM cells. Each of the plurality of T-RAM cells is fabricated by using doped polysilicon to form a self-aligned diffusion region to create a low-contact resistance p+ diffusion region. A silicided p+ polysilico ...

Park Byeong O, Yang Seung Sik: Device and method for controlling printer in order to improve printing speed. Samsung Electronics, July 18, 2002: KR1020010001346 (6 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A device and a method for controlling a printer are provided to make the printing speed better by counting functions outputting an object from image data, and converting a page area, when the counted value is larger than a limit value, to a bit map. CONSTITUTION: When a print instruction is ...

Maranas Costas, Burgard Anthony P: Method and system for modeling cellular metabolism. The Penn State Research Foundation, Maranas Costas, Burgard Anthony P, NEBEL Heidi S, July 18, 2002: WO/2002/055995 (5 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to methods and systems for in silico or bioinformatic modeling of cellular metabolism. The invention includes methods and systems for modeling cellular metabolism of an organism, comprising constructing a flux balance analysis model, and applying constraints to the flux balanc ...