Steven Jobs
Timothy Wasko, Steven P Jobs: Three state icons for operation. James W Peterson Esq, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, July 11, 2002: US20020089552-A1

A three state icon for a computer is disclosed. The icon prevents inadvertent starting of an operation on a computer. The icon has a first state which conceals a second state. Upon selection of the first state with a computer pointing device (i.e., mouse), the icon will change to the second state. U ...

Sanford James Lawrence, Schlig Eugene Stewart: Circuit de pixels a diode electroluminescente organique a faible consommation denergie, Low-power organic light emitting diode pixel circuit. International Business Machines Corporation, Toppoly Optoelectronics, OGILVY RENAULT SENCRLSRL, July 11, 2002: CA2432530 (112 worldwide citation)

A pixel circuit comprises an organic light emitting diode (OLED), and a static memory for storing data that represents an operational state of the OLED. In alternative embodiments, a pixel circuit may include a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) circuit for controlling the OLED, a protec ...

Turner Christopher, Jacobson Joseph M, Comiskey Barrett: Printable electronic display. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, July 11, 2002: TW494257 (46 worldwide citation)

A display system includes a substrate upon which the display system is fabricated; a printable electrooptic display material, such as a microencapsulated electrophoretic suspension; electrodes (typically based on a transparent, conductive ink) arranged in an intersecting pattern to allow specific el ...

Jeng Jia Shiung: Manufacturing method of thin film transistor liquid crystal display. Nan Ya Technology Corporation, July 11, 2002: TW494266 (10 worldwide citation)

A kind of method for manufacturing thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFTLCD) is disclosed in the present invention. In the invention, an insulating layer is used to separate indium tin oxide, which is used for the transparent electrode, from the second metal layer such that they are on di ...





Combs James Lee, Crump Dwayne Thomas, Pancoasy Steven Taylor: Desktop computer system having multi-level power management. International Business Machines Corporation, July 11, 2002: TW495064 (7 worldwide citation)

A computer system having four states of power management, a normal operating state, a standby state, a suspend state, and an off state. The standby state is characterized by devices, such as a video controller and a hard drive, being placed into a low-power mode transparent to the operating system a ...

Lin Li Ren, Jang Jen Jang: Wafer pod transport system and apparatus. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, July 11, 2002: TW494079 (6 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a wafer pod transport system and apparatus. The transport system and apparatus is used for the transportation of front open unified pod (FOUP) between the automatic material handling system (AMHS) and the automatic storage/retrieval system (AS/RS). The use of the inventive tr ...