Eugene Fitzgerald
Eugene A Fitzgerald: Controlling threading dislocation densities in Ge on Si using graded GeSi layers and planarization. Samuels Gauthier & Stevens, July 4, 2002: US20020084000-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor structure including a semiconductor substrate, at least one first crystalline epitaxial layer on the substrate, the first layer having a surface which is planarized, and at least one second crystalline epitaxial layer on the at least one first layer. In another embodiment of the inve ...

Brian Roberds, Brian S Doyle: Technique to obtain high mobility channels in MOS transistors by forming a strain layer on an underside of a channel. Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, July 4, 2002: US20020086472-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

A method for forming a strain layer on an underside of a channel in an MOS transistor in order to produce a mechanical stress in the channel, increasing a mobility of carriers in the channel and an apparatus produced from such a method.

Pelliconi Anteo, Lonardo Angelo, Mei Gabriele: Polyolefin sheets for thermoforming. Basell Poliolefine Italia, Pelliconi Anteo, Lonardo Angelo, Mei Gabriele, GAVERINI Gaetano, July 4, 2002: WO/2002/051912 (4 worldwide citation)

Polypropylene sheet for thermoforming wherein at least one layer comprises a propylene polymer containing at least 0.8 % by weight of ethylene and optionally one or more C¿4?-C¿10? $g(a)-olefins, or a propylene polymer composition containing at least 0.8 % by weight of one or more comonomers selecte ...

Chang Soo Park, Sang Gee Park, Jung Hwan Choi, Bo Shin Chung, Sang Young Oh, Eung Soo Lee: Apparatus and method for thin film deposition. Wildman Harrold Allen & Dixon, July 4, 2002: US20020086106-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The apparatus for forming a thin film includes a reaction chamber having a top portion, a sidewall portion and a bottom portion; a gas injector penetrating the top portion and letting a source element pass therethrough; a distributor connected to the gas injector, wherein a plurality of injection ho ...

Jeong Soo Byun, Alfred Mak: Method of forming refractory metal nitride layers using chemisorption techniques. Applied Materials, July 4, 2002: US20020086111-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

A method of forming a refractory metal nitride layer for integrated circuit fabrication is disclosed. In one embodiment, the refractory metal nitride layer is formed by chemisorbing monolayers of a hydrazine-based compound and one or more refractory metal compounds onto a substrate. In an alternate ...

Nicholas K Sheridon, Nassim Khonsari, Naveen Chopra: Method for making microencapsulated gyricon beads. Oliff & Berridge, July 4, 2002: US20020084539-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

A method for making microencapsulated gyricon beads comprising the steps of converging a first, second, third and fourth materials in a liquid state; forming a bead from the first and second materials, the bead having two hemispheric surfaces with one surface differing from the other in optical and ...

Robert D Weise, Walter H Ohrbom, Patricia A Herrel, David J Law: Waterborne coating compositions containing materials dispersed with water-soluble carbamate materials. Basf Corporation, Anne Gerry Sabourin, July 4, 2002: US20020086966-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an aqueous coating composition containing a dispersed, emulsified, or dissolved material (organic compound, resin, or polymer), in which the material is dispersed, emulsified, or dissolved with a water-soluble, carbamate-functional material. The invention further provides a co ...

John E Jones, Paul A Jones, William J Jones, Douglas U Mennie: Automated document processing system using full image scanning. Jenkens & Gilchrist PC, July 4, 2002: US20020085745-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

A document processing system comprises an input receptacle for receiving documents. A transport mechanism receives the documents from the input receptacle and transports the documents past a full image scanner and a discrimination unit. An output receptacle receives the documents from the transport ...

Tomita Yoshimi: Information recording/reproducing apparatus, and information recording medium with linking blocks. Pioneer Corporation, Tomita Yoshimi, sISHIKAWA Yasuo, July 4, 2002: WO/2002/052558 (3 worldwide citation)

In an information recording, a first data processor divides input data into a plurality of frames so as to arrange the plurality of frames for each unit block. The unit block is a unit o error-correction with respect to the input data and the frames include first identification information, respecti ...

Flegeo Arnaud: Electronic apparatus comprising display device which forms control button. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, July 4, 2002: KR1020010084282 (3 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: An electronic apparatus comprising a display device which forms a control button is provided to realize maximum functions to be controlled by a user in a simple and rapid manner at less cost. CONSTITUTION: A housing(12) has a window(50) passed through by a display device(52) such as a liqui ...