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Multiple applications request data from multiple storage units over a computer network. The data is divided into segments and each segment is distributed randomly on one of several storage units, independent of the storage units on which other segments of the media data are stored. At least one addi ...

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An apparatus to treat the skin includes a template having a tissue interface surface and an energy delivery device coupled to the template. The energy delivery device is configured to be coupled to a power source and has a variable resistance portion. A sensor is coupled to one of the template, the ...

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A geographic based communications service system that includes a network and a plurality of access points connected to the network and arranged at known locations in a geographic region. One or more service providers or information providers may be connected to the network to provide services or inf ...

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A FinFET device is fabricated using conventional planar MOSFET technology. The device is fabricated in a silicon layer overlying an insulating layer (e.g., SIMOX) with the device extending from the insulating layer as a fin. Double gates are provided over the sides of the channel to provide enhanced ...

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Methods for recognizing gestures made by a conductive object on a touch-sensor pad and for cursor motion are disclosed. Tapping, drags, pushes, extended drags and variable drags gestures are recognized by analyzing the position, pressure, and movement of the conductive object on the sensor pad durin ...

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A sensor is provided that includes at least one functional coating layer that includes a UV-absorbing polymer. Methods for making the inventive sensors are also provided.


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In a system in which a set of data items are distributed across a network of servers, at least some of the data items being cached versions of data items from a source server, a content delivery method includes determining a data identifier for a particular data item, the data identifier being deter ...

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The present invention provides a gaming device having unisymbol display reels, wherein each symbol on a display of the gaming device represents or is included on a different reel. The present invention structures the paylines of the gaming device in such that the gaming device can include different ...

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The present invention is directed to a bone plate assembly including a bone plate, bone screws received in apertures in the assembly, and a screw retaining member fixed to the bone plate which covers at least a portion of the bone screws. When bone screws have been received by the bone plate and ins ...