Jaime Braverman
Michael Allen Daley, Mark Bruce Majors, Ali Yahiaoui, Arthur Edward Garavaglia, Michael David Powers, David Wayne Primm, Tamara Lee Mace, Nancy Donaldson Kollin, Gregory Alan Zelazoski, Jon Edward Tinsley, Jaime Braverman: Apertured film covers with localized wettability and method for making the same. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Pauley Petersen Kinne & Erickson, June 25, 2002: US06410823 (50 worldwide citation)

A film cover for use in absorbent materials such as feminine care products, surgical drapes, fenestration reinforcement, absorbent pads and the like including a polymeric film having a top planar surface and a bottom planar surface and forming a plurality of apertures, at least a portion of which ha ...



Michael S Wiltshire, James J Lisenbee, Jayant S Karmarkar, Timothy A Wiltshire: Slim terminal gaming system. New Millenium Gaming, Fabio E Marino, Skjerven Morrill MacPherson, June 25, 2002: US06409602 (726 worldwide citation)

A computer gaming system and method of operation thereof are provided that both drastically reduce the cost of gaming stations and allow contemporaneous access to multiple game programs from a single gaming station. The computer gaming system of the present invention allows for transparent modificat ...

Brian P Brockway, Perry Alton Mills, Lynn M Zwiers: Implantable sensor with wireless communication. Data Sciences International, Crompton Seager & Tufte, June 25, 2002: US06409674 (539 worldwide citation)

An implantable sensor device, such as a pressure monitor, is implanted in the left ventricle (LV), in other heart chambers, or elsewhere, from which it wirelessly communicates pressure information to a remote communication device. The sensor device can be implanted using a placement catheter, an end ...

Geoffrey B Rhoads: Watermark enabled video objects. Digimarc Corporation, Steven W Stewart, Digimarc Corporation, June 25, 2002: US06411725 (480 worldwide citation)

Watermarks in video signals or the accompanying audio track are used to associate video objects in a video sequence with object specific actions or information. A video object refers to a spatial and temporal portion of a video signal that depicts a recognizable object, such as a character, prop, gr ...

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The present invention provides an apparatus and a method for producing a virtual electrode within or upon a tissue to be treated with radio frequency alternating electric current. An apparatus in accordance with the present invention includes a supply of a conductive or electrolytic fluid to be prov ...

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Bifurcated and trifurcated woven stents for insertion and delivery into a variety of anatomical structures, including the aortic-iliac bifurcation, the superior vena cava junction, and the inferior vena cava junction. The bifurcated stents includes a first leg formed from a first plurality of wires, ...

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A method of fabricating an elastomeric structure, comprising: forming a first elastomeric layer on top of a first micromachined mold, the first micromachined mold having a first raised protrusion which forms a first recess extending along a bottom surface of the first elastomeric layer; forming a se ...

Jeffrey L Edwards: Method and apparatus for performing a clean background subtraction. Electric Planet, Van Pelt & Yi, June 25, 2002: US06411744 (376 worldwide citation)

A background subtraction apparatus of the present invention includes a key point locator for locating key points on a known object type, a boundary point locator for locating boundary points of the known object that make up the edges of the known object, and an edge processor for processing the edge ...