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In case continuous reproduction is commanded from a first AV stream to a second AV stream, a third AV stream, made up of a preset portion of the first AV stream and a preset portion of the second AV stream, is generated. The third AV stream is reproduced when reproduction is switched from the first ...

Baugh John L: An expanding tool for connection between an inner and an outer tubular.. Baker Hughes, April 17, 2002: GB2367842-A (103 worldwide citation)

A swedge assembly expands an inner tube 10 that it is located inside an outer tubular 11 so that it sealingly connects. The apparatus A has a mandrel 12, and an attached movable tapered component or wedge 14, that is hydraulically or mechanically operated, and is inserted into the inner tube 10. The ...

Kato Motoki, Hamada Toshiya: Encoding device and method, recorded medium, and program. Sony, April 17, 2002: EP1198132-A1 (93 worldwide citation)

If, in encoding and recording an AV stream, time_controlled_flag as the attribute information is set to 1, the relation between the time lapse of an AV stream and the amount of data bytes of the AV stream is linear within a preset error range. If the time_controlled_flag of the AV stream file is set ...

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A method for forming a luminescent layer on a light emitting semiconductor device includes positioning a stencil on a substrate such that a light emitting semiconductor device disposed on the substrate is located within an opening in the stencil, depositing a stenciling composition including lumines ...

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The present invention provides a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) optical device (100). The micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) optical device (100) includes a mirror (110) having a substrate (140) with an implanted light reflective optical layer (130) thereover, and a mounting substrate (1 ...

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A small antenna (10) characterized by comprising a first meander part (14a) formed in such a manner that a meander conductor travels to a first direction and having a first end and a second end, and a second meander part (14b) formed in such a manner that a meander conductor travels to a second dire ...


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A lower limb prosthesis comprises a knee flexion control device (18) arranged to resist flexion at the knee joint hydraulically. The resistance to flexion is arranged by programmable electronic control means via a rotary valve (18O) and a stepper motor (22). The electronic control means are further ...